Fake milk tea shop busted for selling illegal vape products—DTI

Fake milk tea shop busted for selling illegal vape products—DTI

THE Fair-Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) raided an establishment in Baclaran, Parañaque City.

Which, they found out, was not selling milk tea, but was actually offering illegal Flava vape products.

Initially, the DTI seized over 170 boxes of vape products worth P9.5-M.

Later on, additional boxes of illegal vape were discovered, totaling over P25-M worth, according to the DTI.

“It is prohibited to sell, market, or promote vape products to individuals below 18 years old. Flavor descriptors are not allowed, so the registered vapes we allow can have color or anything else. But, enticing children is not allowed,” said Asec. Amanda Nograles, Consumer Protection Group, DTI.

Aside from this, selling vape products within a 100-meter radius of schools and other public places is also prohibited.

The agency issued a notice of violation to the shop’s owner for an explanation.

“They’re a married couple, and there’s a language barrier, but the owner of the milk tea shop is a Chinese or foreign national. We issued the notice to them because they appear to be the owner or processor of both the residential apartment and the milk tea shop,” said Dir. Fhillip Sawali, Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau, DTI.

The owners will face multiple cases for violating Republic Act 11900 or the Vape Law.

Online selling of vape products, which the owners allegedly did, is also prohibited.

The agency also found out that the shop did not have a business permit.

Violation of the vape law in the country carries a fine of up to P5-M and imprisonment of up to 6 years.


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