Fake news sparks intense fighting between Syrians, Turks

Fake news sparks intense fighting between Syrians, Turks

THE city of Kayseri in central Turkiye descended into chaos after a video circulated online sparked widespread anger between Turks and Syrians.

Tensions started after a video clip that allegedly showed a young Syrian man harassing a Turkish girl in a public facility went viral on social media.

Both sides exchanged gunfire resulting in injuries and the death of four Syrians since Sunday.

Syrians protested in front of the border and attacked Turkish vehicles passing through the area. In return, Turkish citizens raided and burned shops, vehicles, and properties that belonged to Syrian refugees.

The unrest spread in the Turkish zone in Syria which includes northern Idlib and Aleppo provinces.

Turkish police detained 474 people involved in the attacks.

It was later revealed that the girl involved in the incident was not Turkish but also Syrian. Despite the clarification, fighting between the two sides continued.

At the heart of the violent clashes hides a deeper issue that exposes the long-term resentment of Syrian refugees towards Turkiye’s anti-immigration policies.

Before the latest episode of violence, Turkish authorities had set up more than 60 checkpoints since June 24 as part of a crackdown and intensified security campaign targeting Syrian refugees which involved inspections in their homes and workplaces.

The unrest forced Turkiye to close several border crossings into northwest Syria on Tuesday but were reopened on Wednesday in an aim to calm down the chaos.


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