Filipinos losing jobs to Artificial Intelligence—DOLE

Filipinos losing jobs to Artificial Intelligence—DOLE

DURING the National Employment Summit at Manila Hotel, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) acknowledged that one of the challenges facing the labor sector today is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Labor Secretary Bienvenido Laguesma admitted that some Filipinos have already lost their jobs due to AI.

“It’s already happening. We’re seeing this not just in what we might call elementary or manual occupations because these are the first to be affected by the employment or introduction of AI,” said Secretary Bienvenido Laguesma, Department of Labor and Employment.

Based on DOLE’s data, some companies have reduced their workforce by up to 81 employees from January to April 2024 due to the use of labor-saving devices.

Most affected establishments come from the sectors of services activities, professional, scientific, and technical service activities, and administrative and support service activities.

According to Laguesma, it is undeniable that any technological advancement will inevitably lead to job displacement.

The question remains: should there be cause for concern?

“We won’t say there’s nothing to prepare for or be concerned about. But we need to accept that this is already here. What we need to do, perhaps, is not to distance ourselves but to approach, examine, and work together, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re holding this National Employment Summit,” said Laguesma.

DOLE assures adequate jobs amid the rise of new technologies

DOLE ensures sufficient jobs amid emerging new technologies.

Laguesma emphasized that the rise of modern technology will also create opportunities for new jobs.

“But there are also opportunities or new livelihoods that we can see, so it’s important that we continue to engage with investors, and industry associations, to continuously meet their manpower requirements,” he added.

Meanwhile, DOLE, the Employers Confederation of the Philippines, and other private companies signed a Memorandum of Agreement to ensure an adequate supply of quality jobs amid emerging new technologies.

“Not just any job, but quality, decent, remunerative jobs. Of course, it was mentioned earlier that even green jobs should be included. We’re talking about activities related to our environment,” said Laguesma.


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