Filipinos seeking jobs on cruise ships flock to Expo Maritime PH

Filipinos seeking jobs on cruise ships flock to Expo Maritime PH

LONG queues formed at the booths of several major cruise and shipping companies at the recently opened Expo Maritime Philippines held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

These companies are offering numerous job opportunities on cruise ships to Filipinos.

One of the hopeful applicants, Rod Meneses, currently works as a storekeeper in a ship warehouse in the Philippines. He is hoping to return to working on a ship.

“There’s a significant difference in the salary, so I’m looking for options abroad.”

“I want to return to employment on a ship.”

“I just want to try again and see if I can get hired,” Rod Meneses, Cruise ship job seeker stated.

Some of the jobs available at the Expo Maritime Philippines job fair include cook, hotel staff, and other non-entry level positions.

Cruise ships seek more Filipino workers— Cruise Company

According to several cruise companies, Filipino workers are in high demand on cruise ships.

“It’s really the hospitality. And the warmth, that I think attribute that we can offer to our guests in terms of our international vessels,” Djanna Ranolo-Cutaran, Recruitment Manager, MSC Cruises said.

“It’s important to deploy Filipinos because passengers look for them. They want Filipinos to serve them,” Capt. Ronald Enrile, SVP, PTC Ship Management stated.

“It’s in our DNA to provide excellent service, communicate well, and always smile. This is the advantage of Filipinos,” Enrile added.

Expo Maritime PH highlights country’s cruise tourism potential

Apart from the job offers from major cruise companies, the Expo Maritime Philippines also aimed to discuss the vast potential of cruise tourism in the Philippines and how it can be harnessed.

“This is a big help. First, we can open opportunities for cruise investors in the Philippines.”

“The doors will open for the Filipino and the Philippines diba,” Rachelle Lopez, CEO, WMOC Group of Companies stated.

Senator Cynthia Villar supports the development of cruise tourism in the country, noting that it will create numerous jobs.

“It’s really good for the Philippines because we are an archipelago. We have many ports. We need to develop cruise travel in the Philippines and employ our seafarers,” Senator Cynthia Villar, Republic of the Philippines said.

Local governments and provinces are optimistic about the results of the Expo Maritime Philippines in promoting cruise tourism.

Aklan province, home to the famous Boracay, is one of the cruise destinations in the country.

Each year, Boracay receives ten cruise ships carrying many foreign tourists.

“The cruise ship industry here is very promising.”

“Many components, such as agriculture, job creation, and our food industry, will be affected positively. When cruise ships arrive, we’re ready. All ports and facilities are in order. If we can support the infrastructure, it will bring significant economic benefits to the Philippines,” Governor Jose Enrique Mirafloers, Aklan stressed.

DOT: Philippines continues to streamline cruise ship entry processes

According to Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco, they continue to collaborate with the Department of Transportation, the Philippine Ports Authority, and the Bureau of Immigration to develop cruise tourism in the country. One initiative is streamlining the processes for the smooth and easy entry of cruise ships.

“We are coordinating with private stakeholders and other government agencies to streamline the cruise tourism industry, making it easier to come here, especially in terms of visa liberalization.”

“To streamline the cruise tourism industry and make travel easier, especially in terms of visa liberalization,” Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco, Department of Tourism stated.

Frasco added that they are also working with other government agencies to develop and construct seaports.

In 2024, the Philippines has already received over 100 cruise calls, equivalent to more than 123,000 cruise passengers.

In 2023, the country was awarded Asia’s Best Cruise Destination at the World Cruise Awards held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Expo Maritime Philippines is open until June 13, 2023.


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