Finance Secretary Ralph G. Recto engages with IFC Executives

Finance Secretary Ralph G. Recto engages with IFC Executives

FINANCE Secretary Ralph G. Recto recently engaged with executives from the – International Finance Corporation (IFC) to discuss ongoing partnerships and explore new areas for collaboration.

The IFC is an international financial institution providing investment, advisory, and asset-management services to promote private-sector development in developing countries.

During the meeting, IFC Regional Vice President for Asia and the Pacific Riccardo Puliti expressed strong support and interest in assisting the government with both its unsolicited and solicited Public-Private Partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects, such as airports and rail systems.

Beyond infrastructure, the IFC plans to invest in renewable energy, ports, and other sectors to enhance private-sector financing in the Philippines.

IFC Regional Vice President Puliti also emphasized that the IFC’s operations in the Philippines are working extremely well, sending a strong message of confidence to international investors about the favorable investment climate in the country.

Secretary Recto thanked the IFC for its commitment to the Philippines and assured them of the country’s robust growth and fiscal consolidation efforts.

Also present at the meeting were IFC Regional Director for East Asia and the Pacific Kim See-Lim, Regional Manager for PPP Advisory Thomas Lubeck, and Country Manager for the Philippines Jean-Marc Arbogast.


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