First dog frontliner has barangay dog ​​frontliner ID

IF there are medical health workers, or uniformed personnel frontliners, for the first time, there is also an animal frontliner.


This animal is the dog named Chi-chi in the city of Manila.


Chi-chi was granted a barangay dog frontliner ID by Barangay 379.


WATCHDOG: Napagkalooban si Chi-chi, ang kauna-unahang animal frontliner sa Maynila, ng Barangay Dog Frontliner ID ng…

Posted by Manila Public Information Office on Sunday, 26 April 2020


According to Chi-chi’s dad Jake Ryan Ramos, this was due to his tireless rotation around the village and his fondness for boarding the barangay patrol.


Chi-chi is a favorite of many people wherein his picture drew comments from netizens posted by the Manila information office.


Netizens also share pictures of their pet that gives them comfort in the midst of an enhanced quarantine community.


animal frontliner



animal frontliner



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