First PCG led disposal operation through detonation

First PCG led disposal operation through detonation

THE Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) with the assistance of Philippine Air Force (PAF) successfully conducted disposal operation through detonation at Crow Valley, Gunnery Range, Colonel Erneste Ravina Air Base (CERAB), Capaz, Tarlac on 14 June 2024.

The disposal operation neutralized 593 pieces of UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) devices, totalling 1,297.13 lbs in net explosive weight, which were accumulated from various recovery operations.

The K9-Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group (K9-EODG), led by CG LTJG CYRIL PEARL C MAGBANUA, under the Maritime Security Law Enforcement Command (MARSLEC) with the assistance of the PAF 790th Air Base Group lead the disposal operations. These UXO devices posed significant hazards and threat to public safety, which could harm many people and might cause damage to property if not disposed of properly.

This initiative exemplified the commitment of both units to strict compliance with safe destruction protocols, ensuring the safety of all involved.


Editor’s Note: This article has been sourced from the Philippine Coast Guard – Philippines Facebook Page.

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