Foreign relations scholar questions true intent of Zelenkyy’s Philippine visit

Foreign relations scholar questions true intent of Zelenkyy’s Philippine visit

UKRAINIAN President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was in the Philippines on Monday, June 4th, for a one-day working visit.

Zelenskyy’s visit aims to strengthen the 32-year bilateral relations between Ukraine and the Philippines.

During his visit, the Ukrainian President requested President Bongbong Marcos to send mental health workers to Ukraine.

This year, Ukraine is also set to open its embassy in the Philippines.

Foreign relations scholar Sass Rogando Sasot gave a candid assessment of Zelenskyy’s visit to the country.

“Ukraine is not our significant trade partner, and we are not a significant trade partner of Ukraine. What will our trade relationship be? What will we sell to Ukraine and what will Ukraine sell to us? Isn’t that so? Is his visit economic in nature? We don’t have the money!” Sass Rogando Sasot, Foreign Relations Scholar stated.

According to Sasot, it seems Zelenskyy is talking to other countries to stop the war in Ukraine.

In a report last February, over 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died in the war.

“I think the Philippines might be one of the last countries you need to talk to in order to convince Russia to come to its senses. The only country Russia trusts right now is China. Zelenskyy even bad-mouthed China in Singapore. So, what does he really want? Does he want peace or allies? He wants allies in his conflict with Russia,” Sasot added.

Zelenskyy also invited Marcos Jr. to attend a Swiss-organized peace summit in Switzerland this month to discuss the Ukraine-Russia War.

However, Zelenskyy claimed there is a conspiracy between Russia and China to prevent the peace summit from happening.

“Ukraine’s enemy is Russia. So, he should be talking to Russia! Why are we involved? We have no influence over Russia at all! Zero!” Sasot added.

Sasot advised Ukraine to find a mediator to negotiate with Russia.

“What can President Marcos contribute? He cannot be a mediator! Most of the time, it seems he has no control over his own country. He can’t even solve the problems in the Philippines! And now he’s getting involved with Ukraine? What is that!? Isn’t the Philippines’ own problems enough?” Sasot said.

Sasot hopes that President Marcos Jr. learned a lesson from the Ukrainian President against war.

A lesson that will serve as a warning to the President of the Philippines never to enter a war to resolve issues over the disputed territories in the West Philippine Sea.

And to avoid turning our beloved Philippines into the Ukraine of Asia.


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