Former NSA on WPS tension: Nobody wants to go to war

Former NSA on WPS tension: Nobody wants to go to war

FORMER National Security Adviser (NSA) of President Bongbong Marcos gives statement on China and Philippines tension.

“Nobody wants to go to war and let’s hold on to what President Bongbong said, I cannot remember now how many months ago he said that the exercise will never be used by any power for any offensive purposes. Let’s hold on to that,” according to Prof. Clarita Carlos, Former NSC, PBBM Admin.

This was the statement of former NSA of the Marcos administration, Professor Clarita Carlos, regarding the escalating tension between the Philippines and China due to the disputed territories in the West Philippine Sea.

Carlos stated that even before she resigned from her post as NSA in mid-January 2023, she had already highlighted the importance of this issue to President Marcos.

“The move of the president, the continued actions of China, is not acceptable to us, is not acceptable, I’m sure Eric you would agree with us, and therefore we need to do something or we will face the international communities. I really hope to the officers of the Chinese Embassy… Because his first statement, his foreign policy statement, China is friend our neighbor our partner,” Carlos added.

Meanwhile, according to Herman Tiu Laurel, a seasoned political analyst, it seems that Carlos has shifted from her earlier statements prior to her appointment as the national security adviser in the Marcos administration.

“It’s important to point out that objectivity requires we do not entangle on either side because Professor Carlos mentioned that she is working with the government through the office of Tambaloslos. I think compromising some aspects that I used to hear from her is different in these discussions of hers, but we understand people have to make a living,” according to Herman “Ka Mentong” Tiu Laurel Political.

Zelenskyy no longer considered president of Ukraine−political analyst

On the other hand, Ka Mentong shared his view on the Philippines’ acceptance of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the country.

“The invitation to Zelenskyy is clear, that’s showing support to Zelenskyy who has fallen in his own country. He’s no longer a president, it’s not appropriate to invite him and it’s even more inappropriate to give him a guard of honor, he’s already a dictator.”

“Half a million of their youth in the military were killed and now Zelenskyy has a new order to release prisoners like murderers, rapists, criminals to become soldiers for Ukraine because they’re running out, they even lowered the conscription age from 27 to 25 because those 26 to 27 years old are gone, that’s what America is doing in the Philippines,” Ka Mentong added.

BBM urged to revert foreign policy or step down, says political analyst

Ka Mentong also stated that Marcos Jr. should not continue on the current path he is taking, adding that it would be better if he returned to the promises he made to the Filipino people when he was still a candidate for the presidency.

“If he returns to his policy, the true independent policy, friends to all enemy to none, remove the US military base and missiles, then we’ll go back to normal and we’ll be happy again with President Marcos,” Ka Mentong expressed.


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