Former Palace Spokesman criticizes Pres. Marcos Jr.’s changing stance on ICC, Cha-Cha, China, and Peace Talks

Former Palace Spokesman criticizes Pres. Marcos Jr.’s changing stance on ICC, Cha-Cha, China, and Peace Talks

IN his latest VLOG, former Presidential Spokesman Atty. Harry Roque criticized what he called President Bongbong Marcos’ flip-flopping on various issues in the Philippines.

Roque pointed out Marcos Jr.’s stance on the Philippines’ cooperation with the International Criminal Court (ICC), Charter Change, dealings with China, and Peace Talks with terrorists.

According to Roque, he was in Malacañang last year when Marcos Jr. stood against the ICC, a stance supported by Justice Secretary Boying Remulla.

However, recently, Mr. Marcos stated that the executive branch is studying the country’s re-entry into the ICC.

“Of course, many people will say it’s just PBBM being whimsical. But first of all, the flip-flopping is too fast. Regarding the ICC, within seven months, he has flip-flopped twice. Initially, there was no jurisdiction, then Remulla said we would cooperate if we enter, then now he says we won’t cooperate,” said Atty. Harry Roque, Former Presidential Spokesman.

The ICC issue is crucial as it seeks the arrest of former President Rodrigo Duterte over the drug war. Former President Duterte was highly trusted and had high approval ratings during his tenure, indicating strong public support. Roque also criticized Marcos Jr.’s changing statements regarding Charter Change (Cha-Cha). Initially, Marcos Jr. stated that Cha-Cha was not a priority, but now it suddenly is, after a year.

“On Charter Change, can it change within a year from being against, not a priority, to now a priority? It’s been a year,” he added.

Roque also finds the government’s peace negotiations with state enemies dizzying.

In November 2023, an agreement was reached between the Communist Party of The Philippines (CPP) and the National Democratic Front  (NDF) in Oslo, Norway, to end armed conflict.

However, attacks by the NPA have intensified since then.

“With the CPP-NPA, just six months later? Flip-flopping again,” Roque said

“Can you believe it? We’re having peace talks with a terrorist group that we call terrorists? Hello? Flip-flopping again!” he added.

Roque emphasizes that Marcos Jr.’s changing approach to China is crucial.

“When he was elected, in June, what did he say? China is the Philippines’ strongest partner. Oh really? But just a few months later, in February 2023, PBBM was hailed for his stance against China. PBBM said he won’t be swayed by Chinese bullying in the West Philippine Sea,” said Roque.

Roque said that Marcos Jr. should put his stance against the ICC in writing, as words can easily be retracted when push comes to shove.

The Philippine National Police (PNP), Office of the Solicitor General, and other law enforcement agencies have previously stated that they won’t enforce the foreign court’s warrants against the Dutertes.

“If the President changes his mind again and says okay, this is too chaotic, and the Duterte family will destabilize, okay, arrest them… He’ll just call a cabinet member, that cabinet member will immediately call a high-ranking official of the PNP, and they’ll be arrested,” he also added.


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