Former Palace spox lists possible reasons for VP Sara’s resignation from PBBM Cabinet

Former Palace spox lists possible reasons for VP Sara’s resignation from PBBM Cabinet

FORMER Palace spokesperson Atty. Harry Roque enumerated the possible reasons why VP Sara Duterte has left President Bongbong Marcos‘s cabinet.

“When VP Sara said that the Uniteam was only for the election, I knew her resignation was imminent. We know that VP Sara and President Marcos have many differing views, especially on issues like the CPP-NPA-NDF and peace talks, which VP Sara called a ‘deal with the devil.’ Additionally, the police raid on the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, which VP Sara criticized for its excessive violence, could not be ignored,” stated Atty. Harry Roque, Former Presidential Spokesperson.

Another reason is the threat that her brother, Davao City Mayor Baste Duterte, could be suspended.

Also, the Marcos administration’s cooperation with the International Criminal Court’s investigation into her father, former President Rodrigo Duterte, adds to the reasons.

According to Atty. Roque, VP Sara’s resignation and separation from the Marcos administration sends a strong message.

It’s no longer surprising— given that those opposing Marcos’s policies are seeking a leader.

Many critics and spreaders of black propaganda against VP Sara claim her resignation as Secretary of Education was justified.

Despite this, she remains the most trusted cabinet member of Marcos, and she has the highest performance rating among government officials since she became Vice President.

Teachers are also saddened by VP Sara’s departure from the Department of Education. Beyond the reforms she implemented, she has truly endeared herself to the educators.

“All surveys in the past two years show that VP Sara and her Department of Education have the highest approval ratings among public servants and government departments,” added Atty. Roque.

VP Sara to play a crucial role if she becomes opposition leader—Atty. Roque

Although the Marcos administration has lost its best performer, VP Sara’s potential role as the opposition leader is seen as more important.

“While it’s sad to lose the best performer in the cabinet, in the long run, VP Sara’s role as the opposition leader is more important. Especially in times like these, when we are being dragged into conflicts due to the decisions of one person, our president, BBM,” stressed Roque.

Atty. Roque also provided reasons why VP Sara is well-suited to be an opposition leader.

“First, she is the second highest-elected official, with more votes than the president.”

“Second, their stances differ greatly, not only on the CPP-NPA issue but also on foreign relations.”

“One wants war, while the other wants peace and friendship to ensure more food on every Filipino’s table,” added Roque.

Lastly, Atty. Roque explains why having an opposition is vital in government.

An opposition is essential in a democracy because, without it, there is no one to fiscalize, no one to criticize the administration’s mistakes.

“I believe that VP Sara is the only one who has the conviction to call out the Marcos administration’s flawed policies, which is why I hope she accepts the challenge to lead our opposition,” Roque ended.

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