Former Pres. Duterte strongly denies involvement in destabilization plot vs Marcos

Former Pres. Duterte strongly denies involvement in destabilization plot vs Marcos

FORMER President Rodrigo Roa Duterte vehemently denied reports linking him to the alleged ‘destabilization’ against President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.

He asserted that there were no meetings involving the Philippine military and police held in Davao City related to any destabilization efforts.

“Me? Who would believe me?”

“Who are these foolish police and soldiers who would meet with me for destabilization?”

“They must be crazy,” according to Former President Rodrigo Duterte, Republic of the Philippines/Courtesy: Dennis R. Lazo.

‘Maybe it’s all in the mind’ destab plot vs Marcos ‘a product of insecurity—FPRRD

The former Chief Executive stated that the issue is merely a product of the insecurities of certain individuals.

“There are a lot of stupid people around.”

“What do I think? It’s all their insecurity, maybe it’s all in the mind,” said Former President Duterte/Courtesy: Dennis R. Lazo.

Duterte emphasized that he is comfortable with President Marcos holding the highest position and sees no reason to replace him.

“Why didn’t I do that when I was at the height of my presidency? For what purpose? To free somebody else in place of Marcos? I’m comfortable with Marcos, why should I replace him, and who am I to replace him at this time of my life? I didn’t do it at the height of my power; how much more now?”

“In the first place, what would be my purpose and objective after all?” FPRRD added/Courtesy: Dennis R. Lazo.

Meanwhile, Duterte stated that his time in politics is over, and that he is content with his accomplishments during his presidency.

He refrained from commenting on the current political challenges faced by his daughter, Vice President Sara Duterte.

“I cannot, at this time, be an active participant in politics. It’s all politics; you cannot remove that in politics. She has to be at this time on her own.”

“You know, I’ve been president, I’m quite contented with what I achieved for myself, for the family, and for my country. I’m okay with that,” Duterte stated/Courtesy: Dennis R. Lazo.

Former President Duterte believes that his daughter will continue the family’s political legacy, stating that his third son, Davao City Mayor Sebastian Duterte has no political aspirations and prefers a quiet life instead.

The Former President also mentioned that he is unaware of the political plans of his first son, First District Representative Paolo Duterte.


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