Former President Duterte gives details on PBBM’s alleged involvement in PDEA Drug List

Former President Duterte gives details on PBBM’s alleged involvement in PDEA Drug List

DURING the MAISUG rally held in Tagum last Sunday, Former President Rodrigo Duterte has again commented on the issue of alleged use of illegal drugs by President Bongbong Marcos.

“As a mayor, I was close to the military. There were military personnel assigned to PDEA. When those documents were released, I was the first civilian to see them,” FPRRD said.

That was the revelation from former President Rodrigo Duterte in front of thousands of people at the Defend the Flag Peace Rally in Tagum City.

Duterte received PDEA documents from political vlogger Maharlika, which have since gone viral on the internet.

According to the contents of the PDEA pre-operations report, President Bongbong Marcos Jr. and a well-known actress were targeted in an anti-drug operation in March 2012.

Marcos Jr. was a senator at that time, while Duterte was the Mayor of Davao.

“I was just a mayor back then, and he was already a senator.”

“When I became president, I still showed it to them, I said, ‘Just do your job.’ Their plans fell through because the PDEA planned to raid the condo unit of Maricel Soriano, where they were allegedly manufacturing drugs,” he said.

According to the PDEA, the documents that went viral on social media are fake.

They claim that there were no such pre-operations reports in their Plans and Operations Reports Management Information System or PORMIS.

“You can tell when a person is constantly using (coke jaw). There’s an official here who probably does it even in the morning… the jaw doesn’t move much… if you notice, the nose keeps dripping,” he added.

At the same rally, former Executive Secretary and Chief of Staff of Marcos Jr., Atty. Vic Rodriguez, called for all government officials to undergo drug testing, including Marcos Jr.

However, up to now, the President has not responded to the challenge of taking a drug test.

“I won’t even dignify the question,” Pres. Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. when asked if he uses illegal drugs.

“If our soldiers who defend, and our police who maintain peace and order, undergo periodic drug tests, why should our national leaders be exempted?” Atty. Vic Rodriguez Former Chief of Staff and ES of PBBM said.

Until there’s a clear answer regarding the issue of alleged illegal drug use by President Marcos Jr., the public will not rest easy.

Especially when a former President, who also has access to sensitive reports, claims that the current President is indeed using illegal drugs.

“Stop with the cocaine because it keeps dripping, keeps… for demonstration only, I’m not high,’’ FPRRD said.


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