FPRRD respects court’s decision over De Lima’s acquittal; Urges ICC to stop intervening in country’s internal affairs

FPRRD respects court’s decision over De Lima’s acquittal; Urges ICC to stop intervening in country’s internal affairs

FORMER President Rodrigo Roa Duterte shared his point of view following a local court’s decision to grant bail to former Senator Leila De Lima.

“Well, anyway, I would not want to question the wisdom of the court in granting, that’s up to the judge, so I will not discuss,” according to Former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Former President Duterte made the statement in his program Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa aired in SMNI after a Muntinlupa Court decided to grant bail to former Senator and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima which happened after being jailed for more than six years.

For 300,000 pesos, the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court Branch 206 allowed the former senator to post bail together with co-accused former Bureau of Corrections chief Franklin Jesus Bucayu, De Lima’s former aide Ronnie Dayan, and former security aide Jad Dera who were charged for the illegal drug trade.

De Lima – a die-hard critic of former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte – faced accusations of tolerating illegal drug trade inside Bilibid’s Maximum Security Compound during her time as secretary of the Department of Justice between May 2013 to May 2015.

Meanwhile, the former chief executive also commented on De Lima possibly coordinating with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the drug war campaign under his administration.

“But here in the ICC, you can all get together with ICC. You can also include Trillanes, all of you are fools, and even France [Castro], because all of you conspired with each other, all of you leftists,” Former President stated.

“The ICC went in [to probe] the killings,” he added.

“Why can’t you understand, you meddlers, even criminals, why are you here? Why are you meddling in my country?” FPRRD added.

“You do not. Don’t make treat us like that. We are Filipinos. We have our own justice system, and if there is evidence that I really killed someone, what I’m saying is, extrajudicial killing, I ask them, who did I kill? Just name one [person], you don’t even have to name five. Who did I kill?” he stated.

“We are not even a member of the ICC. Why do they interfere with us when we are not interfering with them? I’m not even opposing it. Go ahead. Come, come, come,” he stated.

It can be remembered that the Philippines officially withdrew from the International Criminal Court in 2019.

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