God’s greatest gift to humanity

God’s greatest gift to humanity

A precious gift from God above,

The perfect image of love,

The light of the world, and its hope,

The sweetest and gentlest soul.

The brightest star in the universe,

A beacon of grace, none could coerce.

Born to bring joy, peace, and light,

To guide us through the darkest night.

April 25th shall forever hold a place of significance in the chronicles of humanity’s redemption, for on this day, the Almighty Father bestowed upon us His most precious gift—the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

His boldness in preaching the truth, which tears down the strongholds of the devil, continues to bring hope and spiritual enlightenment to the world.

His steadfast faith and genuineness in his calling as the Appointed Son of God, sent by the Father Almighty as humanity’s point of salvation, amidst intense persecutions and false accusations instigated by those who do not understand his message, are truly admirable.

His genuine love for every soul, his ability to forgive, and his capacity to see the good in everyone are magnificent sights indeed.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is a courageous and strong man; to forgive and pray for one’s trespassers requires a great amount of faith, love, and strength.

He is the light that this dark world needs, the hope that everyone seeks, and the love that heals every wounded heart and soul.

He is the comforter and bearer of truth sent to this world by the Almighty Father.

He has made this world a more beautiful place to live in, filling life with color and meaning. He is the reason for all that we are grateful for.

His sacrifice in offering himself for the cause of the Kingdom, to bring the gospel of truth and repentance, will forever be a melody of gratitude sung by our souls throughout eternity.

He is the northern star guiding every soul towards heaven.

Indeed, he is God’s greatest gift to humanity.

On this special day, we celebrate not just a birthday but a life that continues to illuminate our paths with love, faith, and unwavering loyalty to the Almighty Father.

Happiest birthday, Pastor, and may your light shine brightly for all eternity.


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