Groom discovers wife is a man after 12 days of marriage

Groom discovers wife is a man after 12 days of marriage

IT took 12 days before a 26-year-old groom from Indonesia discovered that he had exchanged “I do’s” with a man, and not a woman, before the altar.

A story that sounded like it came straight from a romantic comedy scene is getting viral in Indonesia and abroad.

A 26-year-old Indonesian man is still recovering from shock after he discovered that her bride was a male and not a female.

A man with the initials ESH had disguised himself as a woman named Adinda Kanza Azzahra to marry the man with the initials AK from Wangunjaya Village, Naringgul District, Cianjur Regency.

AK and ESH met through social media in 2023.

ESH successfully disguised himself by wearing makeup, a hijab, and a veil, and used a high-pitched voice that resembled much of a woman.

However, the groom noticed his new wife’s suspicious behavior after marriage where he would always cover himself and not interact with his family.

To confirm his suspicions, AK tracked down Adinda’s parents where he was shocked to discover that his new wife was a man who has been cross-dressing since 2020.

During the police investigation, ESH revealed his plans to steal AK’s family assets as the reason for the disguise and marrying him.

The couple was married in April but until now their story is still gaining attention in Indonesia and from the international community.

The suspect faces fraud charges and could face up to four years in prison.


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