Hakbang ng Maisug, not for Marcos Jr.’s ouster

Hakbang ng Maisug, not for Marcos Jr.’s ouster

THE group Hakbang ng Maisug or ‘Brave Move’ in English, is growing bigger and stronger.

On the last day of June, rallies were simultaneously held in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao all over the Philippines with the name ‘National Day of Protest’.

Filipinos abroad also organized their own demonstrations.

On the same day on June 30th, former President Rodrigo Duterte also had a press conference in Tacloban City.

Amid doubts from the administration, the former president clarified what the real objective of Hakbang ng Maisug is.

“This Hakbang ng Maisug, does not call for the ouster of the President Marcos, it does not call for his resignation,” FPRRD said

“This Hakbang ng Maisug is not directed against Romualdez, the Speaker. It is not against anybody it’s just their sentiments,’’ he added.

Despite a great number of Filipinos loudly calling for President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to step down, former President Duterte stressed that this is not what he wishes to happen.

For Duterte, President Marcos Jr. should just simply do his job.

“Marcos should not lose sleep. I want him to work there for 6 years. He was elected by the people for 6 years. Do your job there. Keep your head down towards the desk. You work. We paid you. We elected you and we are paying you, Do your job. Do not worry, nobody but nobody is interested to oust you. It’s a waste of time,” FPRRD said.

“As a matter of fact, I’m praying that he should live until the very end of his term. I want him to work because we voted for him. Do your job there. Do it for the country,’’ he said.

Several Filipinos are already calling for Vice President Sara Duterte to take over the presidency even before President Marcos Jr.’s term ends.

But despite this, the Father, Rodrigo Duterte, advises his daughter, Sara Duterte, not to attempt for the presidency.

‘’There are no threats… none of that. Just relax.  There are no threats… none of that. They worry about Inday? [Sara]. Inday do not attempt for the presidency. Oh my goodness. I’ve been there. Give it to the ambitious ones,’’ FPRRD said.

Former President Duterte also added that President Marcos Jr. Is not his enemy nor any other member of the Marcos family.

As a matter of fact, the former president shared that his father was a former cabinet member of the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

It can be remembered that Duterte authorized the transfer of the current President’s father’s burial to the Libingan ng mga Bayani or the Heroes’ Cemetery in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, former President Duterte reminded that democracy is what should prevail in the country when concerning the president’s term length, in line with what is stated in the Philippine constitution.

Amid the proposal for Charter Change or Cha-Cha, Duterte has a message for the current and future generation, especially to those who wish to stay in power.

‘’Congress would’ve been right so things would be easier, but with theirs, I suspect, so for me at this time, I’m raising the red flag, this term extension that’s supposed to just be for one term. That’s all they will erase. That’s nothing. There will be Charter Change but that’s it – just one sentence. After that, the Constitutional Convention or Constitutional whatever is over,’’ he said.

 ‘’But there were other presidents who when they took office, they wanted to stay forever. Future generations should be like that – to bear in their minds the importance of periodic changes. Give everyone a chance to be fair,’’ FPRRD added.

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