Heavily armed forcefully destroy gate at KOJC’s Glory Mountain religious compound

Heavily armed forcefully destroy gate at KOJC’s Glory Mountain religious compound

IN the footage, on June 10, at five forty-five in the morning (5:45 am), armed police officers, as if going to war, can be seen approaching the compound of KOJC at Glory Mountain, Davao City.

“You are in government. We are unarmed.”

This is the voice of a church missionary.

They said they were unarmed yet it is clear that the armed authorities carried armalites and rifles.

For a few moments, the voices of those inside the compound can be heard screaming in fear.

“Go ahead, go ahead, shoot us.”

“Shoot us!”

The ‘please to wait for the KOJC lawyer’ can also be heard.

“You did not wait for our lawyer, sir. That’s what they did.

“Shoot us already!”

“We can’t do anything”

“You did not wait for our lawyer. We have no justice here.”

Sirens alarm

After a few moments, the destruction of the gate began.

When a part of the gate fell, KOJC missionaries, mostly women and children, can be seen waiting and pleading (sounds of crying) while blocking the authorities’ entry.

They slightly retreated but after a few moments, they suddenly advanced and pushed the missionaries inside the compound.

Several KOJC missionaries injured in raid without search warrant at glory mountain

The gate continues to be destroyed until a commotion occurred, resulting in injuries to some native missionaries and farmers.

Some minors were also handcuffed.

Just this Wednesday, in its official statement, KOJC refuted the PNP’s lie that it was legal and that they exercised maximum tolerance.

It can be recalled that in the presscon of PNP-Davao Region, it was said that some KOJC missionaries are planning to file obstruction of justice charges.

However, according to Atty. Kaye Laurente, KOJC legal counsel, the missionaries were only protecting their homes.

And it was clarified that when the KOJC lawyers arrived at the compound, they immediately assisted with the arrest warrant, showing the missionaries’ compliance with the law.

“The KOJC lawyers voluntarily supervised them, showing submission to the process. What the KOJC workers asked was to wait for the lawyers before implementing the warrant,” according to Atty. Kaye Laurente, Legal counsel, KOJC.

Violating PNP-SAF, CIDG officers to face consequences for KOJC raid.

Meanwhile, former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte will not let the alleged excessive and unnecessary force in serving arrest warrants at KOJC compounds go unaddressed.

According to the former president, the raid was illegal because they did not have search warrants and therefore, they should be held accountable.

Duterte is the appointed administrator of KOJC properties.

Duterte also emphasized in his latest statement that the current administration’s obsession with painting Pastor Apollo as evil, even before he is convicted, is a clear diversion from the escalating situation and crisis in the country brought about by corruption and abuse of power.


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