House of Representatives on heightened alert due to bomb threats

House of Representatives on heightened alert due to bomb threats

A line of vehicles queues up to enter the House of Representatives.

And the K-9 units are more active in monitoring to look for any suspicious activities.

This is the current situation at the Batasan Complex.

According to House Secretary General Reggie Velasco, they implemented heightened alert since last Friday.

“Because the security personnel reported that there were some motorcycles they noticed going around at the front of the premises,” Reggie Velasco, House Secretary General stated.

The Kamara has yet to announce how long the heightened alert will remain.

Their priority is the safety of congressmen and employees.

“We take them seriously, and some House members have reported they have received some threats or they have seen some people in front of their residences, reports like that,” Velasco added.

Velasco clarified that the Kamara is not ‘under attack’ but they will remain vigilant.

The Lower House also calls on those entering the Batasan Complex to comply with the implemented policies.

Especially the motorcycle delivery riders.

The Kamara was last put on heightened alert following the bombing incident in Marawi City last year.

“But, our website has been attacked several times. In fact, according to my IT staff, millions of attempts since January this year,” Velasco said.

“We just warn them that, you know, we will prosecute you once we catch you,” he added.


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