Hundreds dead, thousands homeless as floods devastate Afghanistan

Hundreds dead, thousands homeless as floods devastate Afghanistan

MORE than 300 people died and thousands were left without roofs in their heads as nature mercilessly unleashed its fury in northern Afghanistan this past weekend.

Flash floods caused by heavy rains have devastated villages in the region that have injured nearly 2,000 people.

Streets were left coated in mud and livestock was almost wiped out.

Search for the missing continues as residents struggle to cope with the aftermath of the disaster.

Aid groups plea for aid for the affected residents and warned of damage to health care facilities and vital infrastructure, such as water supply.

Survivors of the natural disaster were forced to bury their dead and made a desperate plea for necessities such as clean water, food, blankets, and shelter.

United Nations considers Afghanistan one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and its history of being prone to disasters.

The deadly floods also claimed hundreds of lives in several countries since the start of 2024 such as Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, and Tanzania, and also devastated Dubai and Oman in recent weeks.


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