Indonesia detains over 100 Taiwanese on suspected cybercrime

Indonesia detains over 100 Taiwanese on suspected cybercrime

INDONESIAN immigration officials raided a villa on the resort island of Bali on Friday resulting in the arrest of 103 Taiwanese people suspected of operating a cybercrime ring.

Authorities arrested 12 women and 91 men as well as seized hundreds of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

The foreigners were accused of conducting activities related to cybercrime and of misusing their visas.

The Taiwanese nationals will be deported but Indonesian officials could not file charges against them since the alleged crimes fell outside their jurisdiction.

The sting operation happened a week after a group of hackers infiltrated Indonesia’s national data center, disrupting the services of more than 200 government agencies at both the national and regional levels.

Authorities at home and abroad joined forces in investigating the attack and to retrieve data held hostage by the hackers.

The attackers demanded an $8 million ransom in exchange for access to the data which the government refused to pay.

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