Iran vows revenge after Israel’s airstrike kills two generals in Syria

Iran vows revenge after Israel’s airstrike kills two generals in Syria

IRAN accused Israel as the mastermind behind a bombing attack on its consulate in Syria which killed some of its military advisers.

The attack raised fears of tensions further escalating between Israel and Iran along with its proxies.

The airstrike flattened the Iranian ambassador’s five-storey residence in Damascus, which is part of the Iranian embassy compound in Syria.

Iran’s UN chargé d’affaires accused Israel of intentionally targeting the premises and called on the Security Council to arrange an urgent meeting to address the issue.

Emergency vehicles and bystanders were seen outside the damaged premises right after the attack.

Iranian and Syrian officials were also present at the site and expressed their joint condemnation of the attack.

An expert said it’s certain Iran will launch a revenge attack on Israel.

The conflict between Israel and Iran has been going on for decades, with Israel accusing the Islamic Republic of using its proxies in the region to target the Jewish state, and Iranians publicly declaring their support for Palestine.

The ongoing tensions between Israel and Iran’s proxies have affected the geopolitics in the Middle East.

Tensions between Israel and Iran’s proxies soared since the start of the conflict in Gaza last year.


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