Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp deploys new warships

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp deploys new warships

IRGC, a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces, has commissioned hundreds of new warships in the past three years to keep up with the advanced weapons of its adversaries in the Persian Gulf and beyond.

Over the years, the IRGC introduced newer variants of the missile, rocket, and heavy machine-gun-clad speedboats that served as the backbone of its navy fleet.

But since 2022, the navy branch of the Iranian Armed Forces commissioned new classes of warships capable of operating on the high seas.

Among this collection of military vessels included the Shahid Mahdavi, a converted container ship, which is reportedly equipped with long-range missiles and an air defense system.

In January 2024, Iran successfully tested two Fateh-class ballistic missiles aboard the container ship Shahid Mahdavi.

The IRGCN has now reached around 25,000 personnel since it was founded in 1985.

It was tasked with the security of the Persian Gulf and operates alongside Iran’s land-based missiles and aircraft.

As tensions soar between Israel and Hezbollah, Iran warned that attacking its proxy group in Lebanon will lead to an all-out war and devastation for the Jewish state.


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