Israel, Hamas blame each other for ceasefire’s end

Israel, Hamas blame each other for ceasefire’s end

THE fighting in Gaza continues minutes after the temporary truce between Israel and Hamas ended.

Israel accused Hamas of having violated the ceasefire, while Hamas blames Israel for declining its offer to free more hostages.

Qatar, the mediator of the ceasefire, said that efforts are ongoing to renew the truce and expressed deep regret on the resumption of the fighting.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed deep regrets over the resumption of military operations in Gaza and hoped that the ceasefire would be renewed.

Hamas freed over 100 hostages during the truce, but Israel says around 125 are still held hostage.

Meanwhile, the Israeli side freed 240 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the hostages, and most of them were teenagers.

The truce started on November 24 and ended after multiple extensions.

Meanwhile, the death toll in Gaza since Israel resumed their military operation is now at 54, as per Palestinian official radio.

The Israeli Defence Forces released a link to a map showing Gaza divided into districts, which it said would be used in future to communicate which areas were safe.

The IDF’s website and spokesperson in Arabic released the relevant information on social networks.


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