Japan, U.S. plan security talks in Tokyo for July

Japan, U.S. plan security talks in Tokyo for July

JAPAN and the United States are looking to hold security talks in Tokyo as early as July, according to a source reported by a state media.

Originally scheduled for May, the meeting was postponed due to a U.S. scheduling conflict.

This would mark the first such talks since January 2023.

Agenda items include reviewing the U.S.-Japan alliance’s command and control operations, amidst growing Chinese military activities.

Both countries aim to enhance deterrence and response capabilities, with plans for joint command headquarters in Japan by March 2025.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Defense Ministry said that the Self-Defense Forces will participate in the U.S. military’s Valiant Shield large-scale exercise for the first time scheduled for June 7 to 18.

In a significant shift, SDF bases are integrated into the biennial Pacific drill, aimed at enhancing contingencies near Japan.

Deployment drills for the upcoming exercise will span nine Japanese prefectures, with joint Japanese and U.S. fighter jets operating from bases in Aomori and Miyagi. Additional training includes airborne drops in Hokkaido and anti-ship drills near Kagoshima’s Amami Oshima.

Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamaguchi, Nagasaki, and Miyazaki will also host the said drill.

The exercise will extend to waters and airspace near Hawaii and the Philippines.


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