Jeffrey ‘Ka Eric’ Celiz stands firm, refuses to reveal source

Jeffrey ‘Ka Eric’ Celiz stands firm, refuses to reveal source

DESPITE pressure from the House Committee on Legislative Franchises, Jeffrey ‘Ka Eric’ Celiz remains steadfast in withholding information about the source of the alleged P1.8 Billion travel expenses related to the Office of the Speaker.

“Speaker Martin Romualdez incurred a travel cost of P1.8 Billion. (For how long?) For nearly a year? For the entire Congress? Only for him. Hence, our source from Congress is asking, “Is it true?” P1.8 Billion, he says, please ask Ka Eric and request an explanation,” according to Jeffrey ‘Ka Eric’ Celiz, Program Host, Laban Kasama ang Bayan.

This is the issue that led the House Legislative Franchises Committee to investigate the SMNI franchise.

Ka-Eric’s questioning allegedly tarnished Speaker Martin Romualdez‘s image.

SMNI has been summoned twice to the House.

In the first hearing, Ka-Eric claimed that his information on the P1.8-B came from a Senate source.

The House vehemently denied the accusation, stating that only P39-M were spent on their 2023 travels.

In the second hearing on Tuesday afternoon, December 5, Ka-Eric was again asked about the source.

He insisted on the Sotto Law or RA 11458, which grants journalists the right to protect their sources.

“This is section 1 of 11458 as amended. Without prejudice, ability, or inability of civil and criminal laws – any publisher, owner, or duly recognized journalist cannot be compelled to reveal the source of any news item related in confidence,” added Jeffrey ‘Ka Eric’ Celiz.

Information from the Senate, House, and Courts can only be obtained if it is related to national interest.

Ka Eric argues that his case is not of national interest.

To further protect his source’s identity, Ka-Eric declined to name the source in an executive session.

The committee, however, rejected Ka-Eric’s use of the Sotto Law.

“Ka Eric is cited for contempt. May I ask the sergeant at arms to take Ka Eric,” according to Rep. Gus Tambunting, Chairman, House Committee on Legislative Franchises.

With a smile and calm demeanor, Ka Eric followed the guards.

He will remain on the House premises.

He will stay in the House until the committee report on the franchise investigation is adopted.

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