Joe Biden calls Xi Jinping a ‘dictator’ despite progress in US-China talks

Joe Biden calls Xi Jinping a ‘dictator’ despite progress in US-China talks

US President Joe Biden labeled Chinese President Xi Jinping a “dictator” during an off-camera event in California, citing ideological differences. This characterization follows a reported ‘constructive’ meeting between the two leaders on the sidelines of the APEC summit.

“Well, look, he is. I mean, he’s a dictator in the sense that he is a guy who runs a country that is a Communist country that’s based on a form of government totally different than ours. Anyway, we made progress,” according to Pres. Joe Biden, United States of America.

Despite acknowledged progress in the talks addressing strained US-China relations, Biden’s comments have the potential to strain diplomatic ties.

Meanwhile, when asked about Biden’s commends during the press briefing in California, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said that Biden’s words were absolutely wrong and that China objected to what it calls irresponsible political manipulation. She also condemned attempts to sow discord between the two nations.

To recall, Biden first called Xi a dictator in June, and this received a swift and angry response from Beijing, criticizing the statements for contradicting facts and violating diplomatic etiquette.

The current geopolitical landscape has added tension to US-China relations, despite the leaders’ warm personal history. Xi has consistently called for mutual understanding and open communication, emphasizing the importance of respectful dialogue.


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