Jose Maria College – A trusted journey for 3 little boys

Jose Maria College – A trusted journey for 3 little boys

OVER the course of 3 little boys’ school lives, I’ve always entrusted Jose Maria College over their care. I’ve had all three of my boys start their learning, as well as graduate in this respectable institution.

Jose Maria College, although an academic institution founded by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, is a completely non-sectarian school. In the almost 15 years together with this institution, I was never coerced or forced into following their religion, becoming a member, nor spreading their beliefs. It’s great stereotyping that just because the school is founded by and run by people of their religion that they instantly push their faith onto you. The administration, staff, teachers, and the like have always respected the attendees’ beliefs and we respected theirs in return.

JMCFI has always proven as an institution that hones, molds, and builds up the bright minds of our future. All three of my sons have grown up to be men of good morals, quality academic inclination, and virtuous social principles. JMCFI has played a great role, as their educators, in bringing out the best in all the children that come in their care.

Never have I once regretted putting the care of my children in this institution’s, more specifically, in the members of their religion’s  hands, and it saddens me that the government would go to such lengths to harm such a peaceful community. I have grown to be quite fond of the members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and even have made plenty of friends along the way.

I believe that they should not be subjected to such acts of violence done upon them. I, along with many others, stand firmly together with the institution, and the people behind it. Forever grateful, we will always be.


Editor’s Note: This article has been sourced from the Ma Theresa Rosales Longino Facebook Page.


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