Keanu Reeves look-alike becomes overnight sensation in Thailand

Keanu Reeves look-alike becomes overnight sensation in Thailand

A Keanu Reeves lookalike is turning heads in Thailand as he keeps people second-guessing whether they are looking at the actual movie star.

He might not be a Canadian like Keanu Reeves but this German national certainly has that same charismatic look that could make people turn around more than once.

People kept wondering if the famous movie actor left the glitz and glamor of Hollywood in exchange for a simple life in Thailand.

A man looking every inch like Keanu Reeves is gaining massive attention in the country and abroad. Being a doppelganger of a famous international celebrity became his ticket to fame as his videos became a global hit online.

​Whatever he does, may it be making coffee, visiting a temple, or as simple as washing dishes will surely earn massive views, with some of his short clips already reaching millions.

Members of the public will approach and follow him in the streets eager to take a picture beside him.

The Keanu Reeves look-alike has been identified as Andreas, a German national.

His Thai wife dyed his hair from blonde to a darker shade and made it grow a bit longer so he could resemble the John Wick actor – so much that it was quite hard to tell them apart.

Social media users who are curious to see his uncanny resemblance with the movie superstar enjoy watching his viral videos on his TikTok account @Tuktiklife.

The real Keanu Reeves has not yet responded regarding his popular look alike. Reeves played the character John Wick in the famous film series that started in 2014. The character was also the inspiration behind the German national’s new look.


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