KOJC Exec: We will fight for what is right and just

KOJC Exec: We will fight for what is right and just

THE Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) has affirmed that it will fight for truth and justice. This comes after the PNP-SAF and CIDG raided their religious compounds last Monday, which has been called ‘overkill’ or abuse of power.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy has long been known for promoting nation-building, including helping various sectors of society, even beyond his congregation.

From children and youth, environmental care, disaster relief, combating NPA rebels through information campaigns, and other programs promoting good governance.

This, according to Pastor Apollo and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, is their vow as part of their love for God and country.

However, the past few months have been a significant challenge for Pastor Apollo and KOJC, as the government has responded differently.

Especially the blatant human rights abuses against missionaries on June 10, 2024, when Armed Forces of the PNP-SAF and CIDG simultaneously raided KOJC’s religious compounds in Davao City and Sarangani Province without any search warrants.

What’s even worse for KOJC is that the police turned the situation around and filed charges against the missionaries.

Thus, in a press conference last Thursday, KOJC revealed what really happened.

“We are indeed so thankful that there is CCTV footage, and we know cameras don’t lie. What happened on June 10 was painful. It’s even more painful because the news reports were completely opposite to what actually happened. That’s why we are here to speak out and reveal the truth,” according to Sis. Eleanor Cardona, Executive Secretary, KOJC.

Numerous CCTV footage and videos taken by the missionaries themselves have circulated on social media, contradicting the authorities’ statements.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, KOJC’s mission for nation-building continues

Meanwhile, despite the bitter experience of the church missionaries, KOJC remains steadfast.

This was emphasized by sis. Eleanor cardona, executive secretary of KOJC.

“Although we were hurt, there’s pain, we were affected so much until now but that will not stop us. So, we will continue with what our Beloved Pastor has instilled in us and what he has taught. We will persevere. We will not become like those who have done wrong. We will not be like them,” Sis. Cardona added.

Sis. Cardona added that KOJC will continue its mission, as taught by their leader Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

“As Filipinos, not only as KOJC members but also as Filipinos, these are the values that our Beloved Pastor taught us and this is what Pastor is spreading on all of us. That’s why Pastor is truly dedicated to nation-building. That is his mission,” Cardona stressed.

According to the KOJC official, just as Pastor Apollo leads and cares for the Kingdom, they also want the same for the country.

“In everything, we will still fight the good fight. We will stand for what is right and just. That’s all we are asking for, on behalf of our Beloved Pastor, all Kingdom citizens, and even the most ordinary citizens of the Philippines. Justice. That’s all. Good governance and care for all citizens. This is also taught in the Kingdom Nation, which is a nation itself; we are all sufficient. If they don’t know about the Kingdom Nation, this is the time to learn how Pastor has changed us. All Kingdom Citizens grew up here, were educated, fed, and clothed. Not just members, but everyone Pastor helps. Those who were once bad elements, drug addicts, murderers, they changed here,” she added.

That’s why despite experiencing oppression, they will remain strong and continue to do good.

“We will stand strong. We will double our good deeds because that is what our Beloved Pastor taught us,” the KOJC official concluded.

On the other hand, former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, who is also the administrator of KOJC properties, has vowed that the police officers who violated the law will be held accountable.

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