KOJC Legal Counsel clarifies Pastor Quiboloy’s absence amid arrest warrant

KOJC Legal Counsel clarifies Pastor Quiboloy’s absence amid arrest warrant

PASTOR Apollo C. Quiboloy’s decision not to appear in public following the issuance of arrest warrants against him was explained by the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) in a recent press conference.

The KOJC was questioned about why the pastor had not surrendered, as authorities had demanded.

“It is not within our rights to force someone to do something against their will,” statement of Atty. Dinah Tolentino-Fuentes, Legal Counsel, KOJC.

“Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy has his own will, and so do the rest of the five accused. We cannot force them to surrender if they feel they are not safe,” added Atty. Dinah Tolentino.

KOJC Executive Secretary Sis. Eleanor Cardona asserted that while they do not know Pastor Apollo’s current whereabouts, they maintain that he is innocent and has committed no crime. They have also received information about threats to his life.

“We don’t know where Pastor is. Our legal team said it’s Pastor’s decision.”

“We know Pastor is truly innocent. He has done nothing wrong,” according to Sis. Eleanor Cardona. Executive Secretary, KOJC.

Pastor Quiboloy has the right under the law not to surrender despite arrest warrant

Attorney Israelito Torreon clarified that Pastor Apollo cannot be considered a fugitive from justice. He still has rights under the law.

“There’s a misconception that with an arrest warrant, you must surrender. The accused has options. They can seek remedies through their lawyer. If the DOJ grants a motion to withdraw information, the case is dismissed,” statement of Atty. Israelito Torreon, Legal Counsel, KOJC.

Atty. Torreon compared Pastor Apollo’s situation to that of former Senator Panfilo Lacson, who also faced an arrest warrant but later had the charges dismissed.

“On Feb 5, 2010, the RTC of Manila issued a warrant of arrest against Sen. Lacson. He became a wanted person, not a fugitive. He chose not to surrender, and later, the CA quashed the warrant. The same option is available for Pastor ACQ, especially with the complications involved,” Atty. Torreon added.

Atty. Torreon emphasized that Pastor Apollo’s decision is reasonable, especially given the interest of the U.S. and the potential threat of extraordinary rendition.

“The United States wants his head. There is reasonable belief that extraordinary rendition, essentially kidnapping, may be applied against him,” Atty. Torreon expressed.

KOJC stands firm on Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s innocence 

KOJC attorneys also explained that Pastor Apollo does not personally own the church properties; they are held by the missionaries and members of KOJC. Therefore, the raids on the KOJC religious compounds are seen as violations of the missionaries’ rights, not just Pastor Apollo’s.

“The police might have mistaken the properties as personally owned by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy,” Torreon stressed.

KOJC religious compounds raided by authorities are not Pastor Quiboloy’s personal property

“Pastor ACQ does not own these properties. They are owned by the Kingdom, and he was the trustee. Since 2022, he is no longer the executive pastor; someone else holds that position,” Atty. Tolentino added.

The congregation is determined to protect their properties and fight for their rights.

“The members have the right to protect the properties of KOJC. The central compound is owned by KOJC,” Torreon added.

Ultimately, KOJC calls for justice in light of the violations they have experienced.

“We await due process. Our lawyers are here. We trust that justice will prevail,” Cardona added.

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