KOJC legal counsel sets record straight on allegedly surrendered guns by camp

KOJC legal counsel sets record straight on allegedly surrendered guns by camp

ENTRUSTED and not surrendered! This was clarified by Atty. Israelito Torreon, the legal counsel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, regarding the reports released in the media.

Atty. Torreon said that there was no need to surrender the guns of Tamayong Barangay Capt. Crescente ‘Enteng’ Canada.

“We entrusted, we would like to correct that we surrendered for safekeeping the 21 licensed guns of Barangay Captain Crescente ‘Enteng’ Canada, even without an order to him, even if his License to Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF) was not revoked, to avoid rumors and news items that tarnish the image,” according to Atty. Israelito Torreon, KOJC Legal Counsel.

The guns were turned over to Criminal Investigation and Detection Group Region 12 Chief PLT Col Bernard Pagaduan and Major Edgardo Bahan.

Canada, a gun collector, decided to take this action as an ‘act of good faith’ – evidence that he and the members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ have no intention of using the guns for violence or as a basis for authorities to issue search warrants.

“Why did we do this? We did it to dispel rumors that this gun is being used to sow terror or to defend Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. Captain Canada is a licensed sports collector,” added Atty. Torreon.

21 guns like pistols and rifles were entrusted by Canada to the CIDG.

Atty. Torreon emphasized that no one filed a complaint or gave a recommendation to revoke Canada’s license for the guns he owns.

KOJC members should not be treated as terrorists; they are law-abiding citizens—legal counsel

Atty. Torreon insisted that authorities should not treat Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy and members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ as terrorists.

“Because the members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ are not terrorists; they are law-abiding citizens. They are complying citizens and they are not here to sow terror in our country. As a matter of fact, they are instrumental in nation-building,” Torreon expressed.

And as evidence, there was a prior surrender of guns registered under the name of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy following the issuance of a license revocation by the PNP Firearms and Explosives Office.

The KOJC legal counsel believes there is no longer any reason for authorities to issue or file search warrants on the properties of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

“There are misinformation that they have a search warrant to serve on the properties of the Kingdom. I hope there is no basis for this because the licensed guns, without any recommendation to have them cancelled, were entrusted to us for safekeeping. I hope if there are such plans, they will not push through,” Torreon stressed.

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