KOJC members, Phil-com groups in Japan unite for National Day of Protest

KOJC members, Phil-com groups in Japan unite for National Day of Protest

MEMBERS of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) and the Filipino community joined the National Day Protest of the Maisug Movement in Japan held on June 30 at the Sagamihara Keiyaki Kaikan hall.

Filipinos expressed their sentiments regarding the actions of authorities and those in high positions in the Philippine government.

Many also spoke against the injustice that occurred on June 10, when armed authorities attacked the religious compounds of KOJC.

‘’Of course, we feel very disgruntled, especially when we remember what happened. I am emotionally affected by what happened on June 10. We are truly devastated by what happened to the Kingdom because it was illegally entered, which really shouldn’t have happened. The injustice that happened to the Kingdom is a great injustice that I will always carry with me. And why was Maisug formed in Japan because of this situation? When I arrived there, I saw that this is the real situation in the Philippines. Oh my God, it’s unbelievable that we were deceived. Hopefully, in July, we will find success and celebrate victory,’’ Ling Ozawa said.

‘’Why is it that those missionaries who preach about God are the ones they want to apprehend, but those addicts clearly using shabu on the streets are not caught? They are afraid of them, which is one of the things that pains me. Why are they giving the missionaries a difficult time, as if they are murderers?’’ Aoki Echavez also said.

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