KOJC workers release consecutive testimonies to defend Pastor ACQ

KOJC workers release consecutive testimonies to defend Pastor ACQ

MORE and more members of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) are releasing vlogs to debunk allegations against Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Many of them are full-time workers who have been part of KOJC for decades.

They assert that this is their way of informing the public about the real situation and countering what they claim to be spreading lies against the Pastor Apollo.

One of them is Kelly Robledo, who has been a full-time worker at KOJC for over thirty years.

Undaunted, Robledo revealed that she had known Arlene Caminong Stone for a long time.

To recall, Stone is one of the witnesses that Senator Risa Hontiveros presented against Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, following the resolution she filed, calling for an investigation into accusations against Pastor Apollo, including human trafficking, rape, and child abuse.

Stone claimed to be part of the “Pastoral Care Department” within KOJC, but according to Robledo, Stone never became part of the pastoral care department.

“She claims to be pastoral. So is it legitimate or bogus? Fake? Well, the number one answer is that it’s fake. Everything she says is bogus because Arlene Caminong Stone has never been part of the pastoral care team,” Kelly Robledo, 32 Years Full-Time Worker of KOJC said.

“That is clear.”

“Because I know the legitimate pastorals way back in the 1990s when I entered into service, and I got to know all of them.”

“[I know] all of them, they are not many. There are only a few who became pastoral, trained by our Pastor to become future leaders of the Kingdom nation, who could become future coordinators, administrators in other countries, and all those who work for the work of the Father.”

“The truth will remain. There is no sexual service. She never did anything like that. She is not a pastoral. She has never been a pastoral at any time.”

“All Arlene Caminong knew how to do in the early days was create issues and have relationships with different men who are also with us here,” Robledo added.

Robledo emphasized that she has witnessed many attempts to exploit KOJC and Pastor Apollo’s kindness over the years.

She stressed that Pastor Apollo is known for his generosity, and those attempting to take advantage of him want to create issues to gain financially.

“I have seen many people who want to take advantage of the Kingdom, especially Pastor [Apollo]. Their thinking is that Pastor [Apollo] is very kind, so he won’t fight back.”

“So they want to abuse him. They need to create an issue to exploit Pastor and the Kingdom Nation.”

“What they don’t know is that Pastor just doesn’t want them to be humiliated, especially when women are the ones doing such things,” she added.

Kingdom of Jesus Christ workers issue call to Sen. Hontiveros

May Joy Valdez, another full-time worker in the Pastoral Care Department, also released a vlog to air her reaction to the accusations against Pastor Apollo. She is also calling on the Senate to listen to genuine members of the Pastoral Care Department.

“To those of you in the Senate who are listening and immediately believing all the accusations of all those people without knowing them from the start.”

“Well, you should hear us also. We are Filipinos who put you there where you are now. So you should also hear us. If you want the truth, then you should let us speak. Invite us to the Senate,” MJ Valdez, KOJC Full-Time Worker stated.

The members of the Pastoral Care Department stressed that more testimonies and sentiments will be released to defend Pastor Apollo and clarify the true happenings and lives of the full-time workers of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ.


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