Lawmaker labels Pres. Marcos Jr. a ‘dilawan’

Lawmaker labels Pres. Marcos Jr. a ‘dilawan’

ALBAY Representative Joey Salceda has referred to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., as ‘dilawan’, a term used for members of the Liberal Party, the ruling political group during the tenure of former President Noynoy Aquino and his mother, former President Cory Aquino.

To depict the shortcomings of the Aquinos, the term ‘dilawan’ became popular.

However, during a press conference on Monday, February 12, Salceda called President Marcos Jr. ‘dilawan’ and even compared him to PNoy.

“I even said, he’s more ‘dilawan’ than Pnoy,” Rep. Joey Salceda, Chairman, House Committee on Ways and Means stated.

Salceda made this statement while explaining why President Marcos Jr. is very cautious about commenting on the proposal to amend the 1987 Constitution.

This is especially true as the Constitution resulted from the People Power Revolution, which ousted his father, the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr., from power.

“The President’s main governing theme is unity, so he is very careful about public perception and anything that has to do with EDSA ’86, especially its articulation of the constitution. He is careful not to be perceived as dismantling the 1987 Constitution as he has been careful about all other vestiges of the ’86 Revolution,” added Salceda.

The issue of Martial Law remains divisive among Filipinos, especially during the 2022 Presidential Elections.

Salceda who chairs the House Committee on Ways and Means, said the President is cautious about ‘public perception’ on issues related to the ’86 Revolution.

This is also his explanation for President Marcos Jr.’s changing stance on Charter Change.

Initially, the President opposed Cha-Cha and claimed it was not a priority.

However, in a recent speech, the President fully supported amending the constitution.

“So, for the President to come out in support of the Charter Change despite his usual reservation on such matters, clearly shows that he sees these as urgent and of the highest, this is the first time that he has deviated from that position. If you look back since he ascended, or during the campaign, this was not an issue during the 2022 election,” Salceda said.

The House previously denied involvement, along with Speaker Martin Romualdez, in gathering signatures for the controversial People’s Initiative (PI).

The PI issue was investigated in the Senate due to reports of bribery in exchange for signatures.

Certain party-list organizations were also implicated in promoting PI, especially in some parts of Mindanao.

But now that President Marcos Jr. supports Cha-Cha, what will Salceda and his fellow congressmen do?

“‘So, it’s clear that we need to discuss and it’s also clear what the House will do. So, this means putting the PI on hold for now to remove any doubts of political influence,” he added.


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