Life of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy in danger under Marcos administration— KOJC Minister

Life of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy in danger under Marcos administration— KOJC Minister

EXACTLY one month ago on June 10th, battalions of PNP-SAF and CIDG clad in their full-battle gear raided the Kingdom of Jesus Christ’s (KOJC) religious compounds in Davao City and Sarangani Province. Failing to find Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the DILG placed a ten-million-peso bounty on his head. According to KOJC, this only proves that Pastor Apollo’s life is in danger under the Marcos administration.

“This government is so desperate to capture Pastor, so they will do everything. Expect that the ten million might increase. They might even resort to shoot-to-kill tactics. They will do anything to capture him because they are now into extraordinary rendition, assassination, and liquidation,” according to Bro. Carlo Catiil, Resident Minister, KOJC

This is the direct statement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Resident Minister Bro. Carlo Catiil at a press conference following the ten-million-peso bounty on anyone who can point out Pastor Apollo’s whereabouts, and one million pesos each for the five other accused who are with the good Pastor.

Pastor Apollo previously stated that he is not hiding from the law but is safeguarding his life because he received information from a credible source that he might be subjected to extraordinary rendition.

Extraordinary rendition is a method first used by the United States where a person is secretly kidnapped and taken to another country for interrogation, detention, torture, or even assassination, often without any legal process or court order.

Former Palace officials and seasoned lawyers previously spoke on this matter, stating they understand Pastor Apollo’s situation.

“If the fight is fair, [Pastor Quiboloy] will appear. But the Americans do not fight fair. It is documented that they legally kidnap. It is documented that they practice extraordinary rendition,” Atty. Harry Roque, Former Presidential Spokesperson explained.

“The US government, if you are on their wanted list, will do everything to eliminate you. History shows that they indeed assassinate those on their wanted list if they can’t capture them,” Atty. Salvador Panelo, Former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel also explained.

In 2018, Pastor Apollo was charged in the United States for alleged cash smuggling and trafficking cases, which his camp faced with twenty seasoned lawyers in America.

However, according to KOJC, things became complicated with the Marcos administration. After a series of visits to the US starting in September 2022, the direction of his administration seemed to change, especially towards the Dutertes and Pastor Apollo, who openly supported the UniTeam of Vice President Sara Duterte.

Pastor ACQ, targeted by Marcos administration due to Duterte ties—Former NPA Cadre

According to former CPP-NPA-NDF cadre and intelligence officer Jeffrey Ka Eric Celiz, Pastor Apollo is targeted because of his ties with the Dutertes.

He said it started when Pastor Apollo supported Vice President Sara Duterte amid the continuous persecution by the Marcos administration due to the confidential fund issue. Former President Rodrigo Duterte also had a program on SMNI.

“The hatch of the plan was very clear. Destroy the Duterte, they drew the first blood. Pastor stood with them, SMNI stood with them, and the program ‘Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa’ was revived. Rodrigo Duterte became a Rockstar again, influencing public opinion and creating a clear narrative exposing the corruption in Congress and the failures in fighting corruption under Marcos Jr. This was clearly exposed through SMNI,” Jeffrey ‘Ka Eric’ Celiz, Former CPP-NPA Cadre stated.

Marcos admin’s actions vs Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy seem illegal—KOJC Legal Counsel

According to KOJC’s legal counsel, nothing legal is being done by the Marcos Jr. administration against Pastor Apollo.

“I cannot help but think that there is actually nothing legal in the moves on the part of this administration against Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. In finding probable cause, I find it very discomforting, because there was no real probable cause. The outright filing of the case against him despite the lack of probable cause and the DOJ’s inaction on the motion for reconsideration, coupled with the precipitate and illegal service of arrest warrants, make me believe that this is a distraction. This is no longer legal but a political move to divert the nation’s attention from the basic problems besetting the country nowadays,” Atty. Israelito Torreon, Legal Counsel, KOJC said.

KOJC warns government over continuous attacks on Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

Meanwhile, KOJC Executive Secretary Sis. Eleanor Cardona issued a warning to those who continue to trample on Pastor Apollo’s person.

“So, we are grateful for all the teachings of Pastor. And we know that the Kingdom of Jesus Christ…This is a reminder given to us today…”

“We have wronged no man, we have corrupted no man, we have defrauded no man…” [reads prophecy],” Sis. Eleanor Cardona, KOJC Executive Secretary warned.



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