London source trade show 2023 exhibits 8 Filipino brands

London source trade show 2023 exhibits 8 Filipino brands

FAIRS & More Inc., a subsidiary of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) joined the Source Trade Show in Kensington Olympia, London on July 16-18, 2023, an event organized by the Hyve Group to help promote international companies showcase their products in the UK, particularly in the fashion industry. And for the very first time, 8 Filipino brands were exhibited in the trade show.

London is considered one of the Fashion capitals in the world alongside New York City, Milan, and Paris. Therefore, the UK market is very much open to new fashion styles and designs; Representatives from the Philippines, spearheaded by Ma’am Dawn Marie Cabigon, the Senior International Trade Fairs Officer of Fairs and More Incorporated did not miss this opportunity to bring Philippine brands for the two-day exhibit of local fashion designs here in the UK called the Source Trade Show.

“Fairs and More represents big organizers, internationally and one of them is Hyve. So we do have shows in Europe, in Germany, in the UK, in Italy, and also some in Asia but this is the first time that we have brought Filipino companies to the UK through our partnership with Hyve UK. It is also notable to say that the reason why we’re here is that we would like to support the developing countries trading scheme which was just announced last June, wherein exporters from the Philippines will enjoy tariff free, almost 99% of the goods that we will export to the UK, that is a huge game changer for the Filipino Companies and we really hope that you will take advantage of it,” Ma’am Dawn Marie Cabigon, the Senior Officer of International Trade Fairs, Fairs and More Incorporated said.

The Director of Hyve Group PLC foresees that the Philippines has a lot of potential to enter the UK market because of its sustainable sourcing.

“The UK market is currently going under a review of the sourcing destinations. So the buyers are actively looking to source sustainably, responsibly. As a business, we ask the buyers what they were looking for and we found that the Philippines is actually a very good market to source natural materials, made sustainably and with local available materials. There is a lot of potential for growth, with all these young designers that are not even finished with their school and they are already designing these beautiful clothing,” Pietro Lessi, Key Account Director of Hyve Group PLC said.

The subsidiary of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines was able to exhibit 8 brands from the Philippines including Lin-ay Designs and Orient Meadow Export Corporation.

 “Lin-ay is an Ilongo word, Hiligaynon word siya and it means “young maiden”. We are here to join the trade show. I’m here with other Filipino brands and 250 participants are here from 25 different countries,” Pitogo, Lin-ay Designer said.

She shares that her designs are intended to modernize Filipiniana clothing so that it can be worn as day-to-day business attire as well.

“This is very versatile, it can be worn in a smart casual occasion, it can also be worn as formal clothing and it just depends on how you style it,” she added.

On the other hand, Orient Meadow is mainly a hat manufacturer from the Philippines who brought unique designs of hats made from local materials as well as bags, and other fashion items such as Philippine-made jewelleries.

“We have been in business since 1986, so I am the second generation of this company.” We are exporting the fabrics for the Milliner’s crafts and the hats and bags,” Richelle Olego-Filart, Export Marketing In-charge of Orient Meadow Export Corporation said.

The third generation of the family business has something to say to the younger generation as well in terms of embracing Filipino products.

“We need to embrace our local products such as natural fibres like ours in the Philippines,” Mike Olego, the third generation of Orient Meadow Export Corporation said.

The exhibitors from the Philippines were also assisted by the Philippine Embassy UK and Sir Teodoro Locsin and his wife were there to spearhead the ribbon cutting on the first day of the event. The good ambassador has been very supportive of the activities of the Filipino Communities all over the UK upon his appointment and arrival in the country and the support is the same in accommodating international visitors, especially Filipinos who are initiating ties to the UK.

“I want all Filipinos to see what is out there in the world and how we are competing very well with the rest of the world and how we could do even better if we learn by looking, the sort of things that are on display here,” Ambassador Teodoro Locsin Jr. said.

Finally, Ma’am Cabigon informs us that those who will be interested to join such a trade show can be assisted by Fairs and More Inc.

“Please do contact us. Please do reach out to us. We’ll help you get on board, we will give you all the details. We will help you all the way. From the time that you’re interested in setting up, to shipment of items, we can assist you,” Ma’am Dawn Marie Cabigon, the Senior Officer of International Trade Fairs, Fairs and More Incorporated.

Indeed, this is just the opening for more business opportunities for Filipinos and an exciting avenue for Young Filipino talents and entrepreneurs to tap the UK market.

Reporting from London, this has been Karen Valle, SMNI news, United Kingdom.

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