Los Angeles records 475 mudslides as rain continues to pound Southern California

Los Angeles records 475 mudslides as rain continues to pound Southern California

AT least nine people were killed because of the incidents caused by the storm in Southern California.

Seven buildings were said to be uninhabitable, and another 10 were yellow-tagged by city officials, which means that inhabitants can return to get their belongings but could not stay there due to the damages.

Within two days, one of the wettest storms in Southern California history dropped more than half the usual amount of rainfall the city receives in a season, resulting in at least 475 mudslides in the Los Angeles area.

Californian officials warned that the risk will continue.

Cars and such constructions as gates and garages destroyed by mudslides, as well as workers cleaning up the damaged and flooded area, can also be seen.

Los Angeles residents commented about the storm that hit the area with record rainfall on Monday, calling it ‘scary’.

“I think it’s scary, and I think that it can cost more money in the long run because people can’t get to work. You know, time is lost. I think it would be made safer for all the residents on the road if there was somewhere for that water to go. Like out here in Beverly Hills, you know, you don’t see any water in the street. But if you go down south, you know, all those neighborhoods are flooded”.

“I don’t think we’re well equipped for a heavy rain like this. I, being from California, prefer it to be a little sunnier than what we’ve had in the past weekend, but yeah, I don’t think we are ready,” according to Californian resident.


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