LTO guarantees zero backlog of driver’s license by July

LTO guarantees zero backlog of driver’s license by July

THE supply of driver’s license cards is sufficient to meet the demand until the end of the current year.

This was assured by Land Transportation Office (LTO) Chief Assistant Secretary Atty. Vigor Mendoza II during a press briefing at Malacañang this Tuesday.

He stated that approximately 9.7 million cards have been bid out by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and LTO.

Therefore, the LTO expects that by July 1, there will be no more backlog for driver’s licenses.

“So, there is no reason why we will not have enough cards for the entire year. Because of this, by July 1 of this year, there should be no more backlog,” Asec. Vigor Mendoza II, Chief, Land Transportation Office expressed.

Mendoza also shared that the LTO has acquired engraver machines to replace the old ones that easily break.

With this, the distribution of driver’s licenses and vehicle plates will be faster.

LTO: Car dealers issued show cause orders for failing to issue plates to motorists

Regarding vehicle plates, Mendoza said that they have addressed the backlog for the current demand for plates, except for distribution.

He stated that most plates are stored at dealers and not distributed to motorists.

In connection with this, the LTO issued show cause orders to over 100 car dealers for failing to provide plates to vehicle owners on time.

Car dealers are given only 11 days to issue the plate, official receipt (OR), or certificate of registration (CR) to motorists.

“So, we agreed, we met with dealers and we agreed that from the time a person pays and buys a vehicle, within 11 days, the plate, the OR/CR, and the RFID sticker should be with them. So, there’s no reason why this will not happen,” Mendoza added.

In connection with this, the LTO Chief mentioned that there is a possibility of closing down car dealers who refuse to comply and continue to violate the timeline for plate delivery.

LTO personnel who are found to have failed to do their job in issuing plates on time will be dismissed.

“And we will continue to discipline our ranks, including those in the LTO who will not comply with the five-day requirement,” he said.


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