Maisug Peace Rallies held in Philippines and abroad

Maisug Peace Rallies held in Philippines and abroad

THE MAISUG Peace Rally proceeded without hindrance last Sunday, June 30th, taking place not only in Quezon City but also in various locations across the Philippines and even abroad.

Transparency, Accountability, Peace & Security.

These are the principles upheld by the group behind the Maisug Movement.

The TAPS Coalition was formed in response to the current challenges facing the Philippines. TAPS was formed by individuals who want to convey the grievances of Filipinos to the current administration, such as high prices of basic goods and services, low wages, alleged corruption across various government sectors, and their strong opposition to changes in the constitution.

Therefore, the Maisug group conducts a series of peaceful protests to voice their sentiments to the government.

However, the freedom of assembly and expression of views and opinions towards the government appears to have been denied by the current administration.

Many of the organized peace rallies of MAISUG did not proceed due to oppression.

Such as in Bustos, Bulacan the venue contract was revoked on the day of the rally.

In Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, the Freedom Park near the Capitol was suddenly shut down, but protesters persisted with their rally next to the closed park.

Former President Rodrigo Duterte criticized the administration for alleged violations of the Bill of Rights by suppressing freedom of expression during the same rally.

Meanwhile, in Tacloban City, the venue turned into a parking lot. Despite efforts to block the rally, activists used their vehicles to secure the site.

These government pressures emboldened the protesters to continue to voice out their grievances and call for government accountability.

‘’You know, this group— Maisug, let me be very clear on this, this Maisug Movement does not call for the ouster of President Marcos, it does not call for his resignation. It is not against anybody, this is just the people’s sentiment. You know, to be honest, every administration, without exception, has its faults. So these are the things that… when you really… it’s hard to talk now, things aren’t coming out. Even you, do not be offended, even you, freedom of the press doesn’t exist. It does not exist today because it’s controlled, and censored. So, we want to rally, but if they won’t give us a permit, we won’t insist. Our only aim is to tell people what isn’t coming out in the media,‘’ FPRRD said.

Meanwhile, the former President issued a clarification about the Maisug movement.

 ‘’Maisug is a group of… It’s there. It’s not me, actually. Maisug is not me and me is not Maisug. They’re different. It’s [headed] by other people. That’s their brainchild,’’ FPRRD added.

Meanwhile, Maisug held a successful peace rally in Angeles City, Pampanga—followed by the National Day of Protest last Sunday, June 30.

Its main venue was at SB Park in Quezon City for Metro Manila residents, Cebu City in Visayas, and Los Amigos Gymnasium in Davao City, attended by thousands of Filipinos.

A peace rally was also held in Dumaguete City in Negros and in Caloocan City, Taytay, Rizal, Pampanga, Aurora, and Zambales in Luzon.

‘’So, one of the things Rizaleños are shouting is ‘no to proxy war’. Because we are looking at and balancing every citizen here in our province because we see that we are a peaceful province. You can see that we don’t want war, so no to proxy war. Number one, of course, our descendants are the most affected, especially our youth and Filipino citizens who want change,’’Rey Mabansag – Provincial Coordinator, Taps Coalition Rizal Chapter

’I am saddened. I’m having mixed feelings, First, I am saddened because here I am again on the street when I, as a senior citizen, should be at home resting. But where is the promise of our President Ferdinand Marcos, where is the P20 worth of rice? Where is your promise of providing housing? We are dismayed,’ Rex Merano – Urban Poor said.

Apart from various activities held across the Philippines, Filipino communities abroad also held a Maisug peace rally in Hong Kong, Japan, and Austria.

Among the activities during the National Day of Protest, besides messages from some personalities, were marching, motorcades, caravans, and candle lighting.

The protesters are calling for real and long-term solutions to the problems of the Philippines- not just the superficial ‘band-aid’ solutions like the cash assistance provided by the Marcos administration.

The National Day of Protest ended peacefully in various parts of the country and abroad.


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