Manila Court issues Gag Order to DOJ, Teves, and Degamo Camps for Murder Case

Manila Court issues Gag Order to DOJ, Teves, and Degamo Camps for Murder Case

DURING the hearing at Manila Regional Trial Court on Wednesday, the Department of Justice, Teves Camp, and Degamo’s camp— were instructed to refrain from commenting or speaking about the merits of the Degamo case.

DOJ Spokesperson Asec. Mico Clavano, meanwhile, explained that their comments regarding the case are solely to counter misinformation circulating on social media or in the news.

‘’There have been no prior incidents with this gag order. It’s just about addressing chatter on social media. The reason why we speak is because there are inaccuracies being circulated. We feel it’s our obligation to correct certain notions in both social and mainstream media so that the public receives accurate information,’’ Asec. Mico Clavano Spokesperson, DOJ said.

Still, the DOJ assured that they would comply with the Manila RTC’s gag order, emphasizing that discussions about the case should be left to the court.

Asec. Clavano hopes that Teves’ camp will also adhere to the court’s directive.

‘’We welcome the judge’s gag order; it’s very prudent and diligent to issue such an order. We will comply because we would rather battle it out in court. That has always been our stance from the beginning, that the proper forum is the court itself. Therefore, we should refrain from speaking in social media, mainstream media, or anywhere else,’’ Asec. Mico Clavano Spokesperson, DOJ said.

According to Clavano, due to the gag order, they will no longer release any statements regarding the merits of the case.

‘’Itong Gag Order na ito will prevent us from commenting on the merit of the case we hope all parties will follow the court’s order,’’ Clavano said.

Clavano also said that even the Degamo camp will not defy the gag order of the Manila RTC.

‘’The last thing we would like to do is to offend the judge so we must comply,’’ Mayor Janice Degamo

Pamplona, NegOR said.

Meanwhile, former Congressman Arnie Teves remains in Timor-Leste despite being released from house arrest there.

However, he still cannot leave the country until the court decides on the Philippines government’s extradition request against the former congressman.

Mrs. Degamo, on the other hand, continues to seek justice for her slain husband without wavering.

‘’We are trying to hold on to our hope that the mastermind of the killing will indeed be brought back home,’’ Mayor Janice Degamo said.


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