Marcos Jr. allegedly pursuing resumption of peace talks with CTGs

Marcos Jr. allegedly pursuing resumption of peace talks with CTGs

FOLLOWING the signing of the Joint Communique between the communist terrorist groups (CTGs) CPP-NPA-NDF and the Marcos Jr. Administration in Oslo, Norway, on November 23, 2023, reports have emerged suggesting that Marcos Jr. is actively pushing forward with peace negotiations with the communist terrorist group, despite widespread criticism from the public.

Former CPP-NPA-NDF National Intelligence Officer Jeffrey “Ka Eric” Celiz pointed to this as the reason why the group’s urban operations against the current administration continue unabated.

“And now, our beloved Philippines has received news and information that they are extending it because Marcos Jr. has given the go-signal to resume peace talks, and this is now being used by CPP-NPA as a channel why they do not release it,” said Jeffrey “ka Eric” Celiz, Former National Intelligence Officer, CPP-NPA-NDF.

Openly politically—at least their urban operations against the Marcos Jr. government.

To recall, Vice President Sara Duterte is among the many opposing the revival of peace talks, describing the move as an “agreement with the devil”.

“My fellow countrymen, there is no equal to the evil of the terrorist Communist Party of the Philippines, National People’s Army, and National Democratic Front of the Philippines against their fellow Filipinos. Mr. President, the government’s statement with the NDFP in Oslo was an agreement with the devil. We have seen in history that they are not serious and have no sincerity in the matter of peace. They will use it to negotiate peace to betray the government and deceive the people. We appeal to your power to review these proclamations and agreements,” VP Sara Duterte stated.

Meanwhile, Alex Paul Monteagudo, the former Director General of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, advised Galvez to be careful with his moves in negotiating peace talks with the communist terrorist group.

“I admit that when I heard about this, I communicated with Secretary Charlie Galvez and explained to him, “Just make sure that if you engage in talks, never allow yourself to be manipulated with this.” I will provide guidelines to help because they have already started,” said Alex Paul Monteagudo, Former DG, NICA.

Meanwhile, Ka Eric cautioned about the potential consequences of resuming peace talks with the CPP-NDA-NDF should the government approve it. He referenced the events during the Duterte Administration when peace talks were terminated at that time.

In the end, Monteagudo believes these actions are politically driven.

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