Marcos Jr. rescinds secret agreement between Philippines, China?

Marcos Jr. rescinds secret agreement between Philippines, China?

THE controversial issue regarding the alleged ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ between the Philippines and China seems to be heating up even more.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has made a new statement on this after China insisted on the said agreement between the two countries.

This was then answered by a former official from the previous administration.

“Should there be such a secret agreement, I am now rescinding it.’ so, I’ve rescinded it if indeed it exists,” stated Pres. Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ R. Marcos, Jr.

This was what President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. last said at the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) 50th Anniversary Presidential Forum regarding the alleged ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’. The said agreement was allegedly made between the Philippines and China under the previous administration.

Marcos believes on the existence of the Gentleman’s Agreement because of the insistence of Beijing.

However, the president also seems confused. His answer to the question about the said agreement was even more questions.

On this issue, one thing is certain: there is no evidence to prove the existence of such an agreement.

“There is no evidence of any agreement. Is there a document that is signed? I’d love to see it,” said President Marcos.

Marcos said he tried to reach out to former officials of the previous Philippine administration but Atty. Salvador Panelo, a former member of Duterte’s cabinet said, that neither Marcos nor any officials of his administration have reached out to him.

“Well, for one, he didn’t ask me or any one of his officials in the administration. Number two, I’m Sorry Mr. President, you’re contradicting yourself,” stated Panelo.

Atty. Panelo points out PBBM’s confusing responses

“You’re convinced that there was a secret agreement and yet you ask, ‘what is this secret agreement?’ If you are convinced that there is one, then you should know what the contents of this secret agreement are. Now, you said you have rescinded it. But, at the same time, you are saying that you do not know whether it exists or not. So, what are you rescinding? With all due respect, Mr. President, you said you are confused. But to be honest, we are also confused by your answers,” Panelo stressed.

Atty. Panelo explains ‘status quo’ between Philippines, China

In relation to that, Atty. Panelo made clarifications on the Philippines’ and China’s ‘status quo’.

“But let me again hopefully put this thing over. There never was an agreement, whether it was a Gentleman’s Agreement or an Ungentleman Agreement. Now, they’re saying that there was a status quo agreement. Oh my, what he’s saying is so unclear, especially those who are anti-Duterte. When Pres. Duterte said in a press conference, what I can remember is ‘status quo’. He didn’t say, ‘I entered into a status quo agreement’. First of all, when he came into office, there was already that status quo. What is the status quo? Each country asserts its own claim – they don’t want to give in. China says, ‘that’s mine.’ we say, ‘that’s ours. We even have an arbitral ruling.’ so, when he entered there, if there was an agreement, you would change the status quo. But there never was an agreement precisely, so the status quo remained. You can’t say there was an agreement to have a status quo. It was already there. So, the agreement you enter into is to change the status quo,” Panelo added.

Panelo also added that the increasing tensions between the Philippines and China over disputed waters stemmed when the Philippines’ agreed to increase EDCA sites in the country under the Marcos Jr. administration.

Marcos Jr. still hasn’t asked Duterte—Atty. Panelo

“That has been said for a long time. Didn’t Sec. Cheloy said even from before, ‘we’re open to it,’ when [former] President Duterte said he was willing to talk? They never even did it.”

“For me, none. I’m not sure with [former] President Duterte, but apparently, none either. Because otherwise, when he gave a speech there [in Tagum City], he would have already said it. But, nothing,” said Panelo.


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