Marcos mimicking U.S. ‘double-talk’ tactic with China— Political Commentator

Marcos mimicking U.S. ‘double-talk’ tactic with China— Political Commentator

POLITICAL writer and commentator Jun Abines did not buy President Bongbong Marcos’ statement that his global visits are not influenced by the interests of America, Russia, or China.

Marcos Jr. insists that he is solely focused on the interests of the Filipino people.

Abines claims that the President is skilled in rhetoric but his actions contradict his words.

“President Marcos has a habit of saying one thing but doing the exact opposite. Everything he has done as president in the last 2 years is contrary to what he has said,” Jun Abines, Political Commentator stated.

According to Abines, the Philippines had no adversarial countries.

However, when Marcos allowed the Americans to use the Philippines’ military bases, China’s attitude towards the disputed territories in the West Philippine Sea soured.

“Why do they need 9 EDCA bases in the Philippines? And why are they hiding their military bases in cities? Why don’t they go to uninhabited islands? So, they are not really here to deter China. They are here for their own interest,” Abines stressed.

Abines mentioned that Marcos has access to Chinese President Xi Jinping, having visited China several times.

But because of the US military presence in the Philippines, the current administration’s relations with other claimants to the disputed territories might deteriorate.

Thus, the US ‘double-talk’ tactic with China seems to be adopted by the Philippines.

“What he is saying is almost just lip service. So, I think he is under the direction of the United States to do double talk,” Abines expressed.

Abines asserts that the US is the number one two-faced country.

It is a tactic of those greedy for power and advantage over others.

“Because as we speak, the United States is also double-dealing. They attack China then they make up—they attack and make up,” he added.

That’s what BBM is doing, pretending to attack but then being friendly.’

Abines hopes for a policy shift in the Marcos administration.

He suggests using bilateral negotiations instead of megaphone diplomacy with China regarding the West Philippine Sea.

“The United States has gained many economic favors from China. Us? We are totally shut out! We are left behind because China is producing very affordable and good technology that we can no longer benefit from,” he concluded.


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