Marinduque reports cases of rabies among cattle, pigs 

Marinduque reports cases of rabies among cattle, pigs 

IT’S not just pet dogs and cats that need to be protected against rabies. Did you know that it’s also possible for cattle and pigs to be infected, according to the Agriculture Department.

This is Jo, a dog owner who made sure to get his pet vaccinated against rabies every year.

He wants to make sure to prevent infection from this virus that could be passed on due to biting, or scratching.

“We take my pet to the veterinary clinic to prevent him from being infected by other animals and also for the safety of our family,” Kuya Jo, Pet Owner said.

But, did you know that it’s not just dogs and cats that need to be protected against rabies?

Because even cattle and pigs can also test positive for the virus.

And, there has been an increasing number of domestic animals with rabies, according to the report of Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) of the Agriculture Department.

In 2023, six pigs in Marinduque tested positive for rabies after being bitten by a rabid dog.

There were also 20 pigs infected with rabies in Pampanga.

In March this year, two cows in Marinduque also tested positive for rabies and were buried in the ground after death.

The symptoms of rabies in cattle and pigs are similar to those in dogs or cats with rabies.

Severe drooling and death within 3 to 5 days.

Although these are isolated cases for a group of pig farmers, the DA still needs to monitor them.

 “Because there are incidents that seem to disturb our livestock raisers, not just pigs but all animals that can be bitten by dogs and even humans. So, authorities need to take action,” Rep. Nicanor Briones, Agap Party-list said.

The DA is intensifying vaccination efforts for domestic animals by allotting P16 million for vaccines and collaborating with the private sector.

The agency aims to vaccinate 50% of the 20 million population of cats and dogs.

“Yes, a cause of concern. We just want to highlight here that we really need to address the rabies issue in our country. What’s more alarming is when it affects humans, that’s a serious matter, one death per day,” Asec. Dante Palabrica, Department of Agriculture stated.

The DA also reminds consumers of the importance of sourcing meat inspected by meat inspectors.

Because if meat with rabies is not properly cooked, the virus can potentially transfer to humans.

So aside from vaccinating animals:

“I would suggest that humans also get vaccinated because you do not know, this is life, you cannot exchange it,” Palabrica added.

DA readies vaccines, laboratory amid anthrax threat

Meanwhile, the agency is also monitoring the threat of anthrax in domestic animals.

This follows reported anthrax outbreaks in several countries like Laos caused by a type of bacteria that forms from a spore called Bacillus anthracis.

It usually affects ruminants such as water buffaloes, cattle, and goats.

“We are ready for Anthrax and actually we have a laboratory now at the Bureau of Animal Industry that can produce the vaccines,” Palabrica stressed.

No cases of foot and mouth animal disease have been recorded in the Philippines so far.

DA forms technical working group to address foot-and-mouth animal disease

Meanwhile, the DA has formed a technical working group for monitoring—especially since the disease can quickly spread to domestic pigs, sheep, cattle, and goats.


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