Maynilad’s water supply to some customers in Metro Manila, non-potable

Maynilad’s water supply to some customers in Metro Manila, non-potable

THE Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System Regulatory Office (MWSS RO) is currently investigating the service provided by Maynilad to some consumers in the southern part of Metro Manila.

Based on reports, consumers cannot drink the tap water supplied by the said concessionaire to households.

Tatay Francis and Nanay Ludy spend at least P300 per week to purchase gallons of water.

They buy mineral water in gallons for drinking and cooking, which costs between P25 to P50 per gallon.

They have developed a habit where the water from the tap is only used for washing dishes and laundry.

They feel more confident in processed water from a machine compared to tap water, which they believe passes through many pipelines.

“It’s safer because we can see the processing of mineral water; they have many gadgets, and the water is released, so we trust it more,” said Tatay Francis, Customer, Maynilad.

Maynilad gets its water supply from Laguna Lake, which they process in one of their water treatment plants in Muntinlupa City.

However, Maynilad has issued a warning that the water supplied to certain barangays in Parañaque, Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Bacoor, and Imus should not be used for drinking or cooking.

Areas affected with poor water quality from Maynila

  • Las Piñas City

Almanza Uno, Almanza Dos, BF International, Pamplona Tres, Pilar, Talon Uno, Talon Dos, Talon Kuatro and Talong Singko

  • Muntinlupa City

Alabang, Ayala Alabang, Bayanan, Buli, Cupang, Poblacion, Putatan, Sucat and Tunasan

  • Parañaque City

BF Homes Don Bosco, San Antonio and Marcelo Green

  • Bacoor City

Molino II, Molino III, Molino IV, Molino VII, Queens Row Central, Queens Row East, Queens Row West and San Nicholas III

  • Imus City

Pasong Buaya I and Pasong Buaya II


The quality of raw water in Laguna Lake has been significantly affected since the start of the rainy season.

“And with the change in the season, there are certain variations in the water quality of Laguna Lake. These changes are quite significant, causing the parameters to exceed the treatment capability of the treatment plant in the South.”

“What recently happened is that the salinity of the raw water from Laguna Lake increased. So, its salt content became higher, and what can remove that is reverse osmosis. So, we just relaxed that standard,” said Jennifer Rufo, Head, Corporate Communications, Maynilad Water Services Inc.

MWSS investigates non-potable water from Maynila

Maynilad has yet to provide certainty on when the water quality supplied to some customers will return to normal. The MWSS Regulatory Office is disappointed with this.

“Maynilad is supposed to provide potable water to its customers. This is not potable water. We want to understand the situation and investigate why they are not able to provide this potable water. Because their excuse right now is the water quality in Laguna Lake. And we all know that this is seasonal, this happens every year. So, they should have been prepared for this,” according to Atty. Patrick Ty, Chief, MWSS RO.

Rose, who owns a carinderia, has been inconvenienced.

Aside from the poor water quality that Maynilad supplies, its rates are still high. Additionally, the water pressure from the faucet is weak.

“98% disturbance. That’s the percentage or maybe 100% disturbance… You should wait until it fills up. Then, you can start storing water when you need to wash dishes. You need to have stocks and really wait for the time when you can collect water,” said Rose, Customer, Maynilad.

It’s important for Maynilad to restore the quality of water that they supply to their customers, especially because millions of Filipinos rely on it.

Poor water quality can harm the health of customers if consumed.

That’s why Nanay Ludy no longer trusts the water supplied by Maynilad.

“Maynilad should improve its service to avoid additional expenses. After all, we pay Maynilad, but we can’t even drink the water that they’re supplying,”  said Nanay Ludy, Customer, Maynilad.

The MWSS Regulatory Office has already warned Maynilad with regard to the poor water quality that it is supplying its customers.

“Maynilad is required to fix the problem within three days. Beyond three days we can impose financial penalties already,” added Ty.


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