Mexico elects first female president: Claudia Sheinbaum makes history

Mexico elects first female president: Claudia Sheinbaum makes history

LEVERAGING her background as a climate scientist and former mayor of Mexico City, Sheinbaum capitalized on the popularity surge fueled by her enduring political alliance with the outgoing leftist Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and their Morena Party.

The National Electoral Institute’s president said Sheinbaum had between 58.3% and 60.7% of the vote, according to a statistical sample. Opposition candidate Xóchitl Gálvez had between 26.6% and 28.6% of the vote and Jorge Álvarez Máynez had between 9.9% and 10.8% of the vote.

Sheinbaum’s Morena party was also projected to hold majorities in both chambers of Congress.

With her new presidential role, Sheinbaum will encounter various obstacles such as security, organized crime, energy, and immigration, shaping the crucial US-Mexico bilateral relationship. The Sunday election occurred only months prior to the US presidential election, in which immigration holds substantial significance.

In response to the announcement of her anticipated victory in Mexico’s presidential election early Monday morning, Claudia Sheinbaum stated that her administration would govern all Mexicans “without distinction,” acknowledging that not everyone may endorse her policies.

The presidential election must be validated by the Electoral Court, and if confirmed, Sheinbaum will commence her presidency on October 1.


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