Mexico releases CCTV footage of Ecuadorian police storming Quito Embassy

Mexico releases CCTV footage of Ecuadorian police storming Quito Embassy

MEXICAN authorities released the CCTV footage of the Ecuadorian police raid on their embassy in Quito, to arrest former Ecuadorian Vice President Horhe Glas.

This is the footage showing Ecuadorian armed officers forcefully entering Mexico’s diplomatic building and detaining several individuals, with Ecuador’s ex-Vice President Horhe Glas said to be among them.

To recall, Quito police surrounded the Mexican Embassy on Saturday, where Glas had sought refuge since December last year.

He had been granted formal asylum protection that same day, before extracting him and taking him to a jail in Guayaquil City in Ecuador.

Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcenas described the incident as a ‘shocking situation’ and stressed that it had never occurred ‘in the recent history of Latin America.

“It is unprecedented in the history of the region, not even in the worst dictatorships [did this happen],” Alicia Barcenas, Foreign Minister of Mexico stated.

Around 200 protesters Mexico City rallied outside Ecuador’s embassy to denounce Quito’s actions.

Meanwhile, Mexico’s diplomatic personnel in Ecuador have returned home after closing indefinitely and suspending consular services for Mexican citizens in the said country.

The Mexican side will also appeal to the international court of justice as well as other institutions to hold Ecuador accountable for violating international law.

Meanwhile, Ecuador earlier claimed that by granting asylum to Glas, Mexico breached the conventional legal framework and abused the privileges of a diplomatic mission.

Glas is accused of embezzling government funds, which he strongly denies and has called the case ‘political persecution’.

International law traditionally considers embassies to be sovereign territories of the country they represent.

Several nations, including Brazil and Colombia, condemned Ecuador’s actions- while Nicaragua formally severed its ties with Ecuador.

Meanwhile, the organisation of American states called for dialogue to resolve the escalating dispute and the importance of strict compliance with international treaties.


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