MMDA exchanges trash for grocery items

MMDA exchanges trash for grocery items

THE Metro Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) program aimed at maintaining cleanliness in Metro Manila continues.

Early clean-up operations were conducted by the MMDA in Brgy. Bangkal, Makati.

Obstructing trees were trimmed, scattered garbage was collected and dirty drains were cleaned.

This is part of the agency’s mandate to ensure orderliness on the city roads of Metro Manila.

But beyond that, residents are also involved in the program.

How? The MMDA replaces their trash with grocery items.

“The concept of this is the ‘Recyclable in Exchange for Groceries’. We encourage residents to gather their recyclable items,” said Gilmar Pinto, Community Development Officer, MMDA.

The MMDA implements a point system for this program.

Residents can exchange dry white paper, old newspapers, magazines, and more.

Various plastic products such as pet bottles are also accepted.

Different kinds of bottles, tin cans, and even tetra packs are welcome.

“Our process involves registration at our table. Once participants register, whether as a group or individually, we provide them with a passbook. This passbook will be used for claiming their groceries. We also record the points accumulated based on their recyclable items,” Pinto added.

According to Mrs. Werly, the MMDA program is beneficial for the less fortunate.

“It’s a win because it helps prevent blockages during floods. Yes, groceries are significant for the less fortunate,” said Werly Talloco, Participant in the Trash Exchange Program.

A total of 42 barangays from 17 local government units (LGUs) in Metro Manila are involved in the program.

 “We invite our fellow citizens to join our mobile MRF, the ‘Recyclable in Exchange for Groceries’ program so that we can recover garbage that can still be useful,” Pinto said.

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