MNLF condemns PNP raid on KOJC religious compounds in Davao City

MNLF condemns PNP raid on KOJC religious compounds in Davao City

THE actions by the police at the Kingdom of Jesus Christ‘s religious compound in Davao City are seen as unacceptable and a serious violation of the Muslim doctrine.

On June 10, police forces reportedly stormed the religious compounds with excessive force, causing intense fear and trauma among missionaries.

Armed with high-caliber firearms, their approach appeared more suited to war.

MNLF Davao State Chairman Aziz Monk Olamit strongly denounced the government’s handling of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

He also commended KOJC missionaries for their steadfast resolve despite the ongoing threat of police intervention at their religious compounds.

“To all the members of KOJC, I salute you all for your sacrifices in protecting the Kingdom day and night. Pastor’s love for everyone in KOJC is reciprocated by your love for him. Your dedication is truly touching and your sacrifices bring tears to our eyes.”

“All of you KOJC members— let’s call them devotees. I hope Filipinos are the same when it comes to sacrifices—they continue to remain despite the heavy rain. That’s a sign of sincerity and genuineness,” according to Aziz Monk Olamit – State Chairman, MNLF Davao.

KOJC missionaries are experiencing sleepless nights, and they hardly have any rest,  due to constant surveillance and the growing presence of checkpoints by soldiers and police near their religious compounds. They remain vigilant amid the threat of another attack.

The MNLF State Chairman couldn’t help but shed tears over the actions of Marcos Jr.’s administration towards his dear friend, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

“To my friend, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, those who make up stories or fake issues against him, which aren’t proven, you’re still presumed innocent, and I don’t really believe the accusations. As a Muslim, we salute you and we’re always on your side, just be strong, and all this will eventually come to an end. Everything has its limits. Do not worry. We, your brethren, are still here for you. We are on your side,” Olamit added.

Monk is calling on those responsible for the recent police violence, reminiscent of what former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte termed ‘The Day of Infamy.’

“Hopefully, the entire PNP organization will be touched, maybe— do not be enticed by money or anything else, because they’re also family members. They are good people. We don’t know—it could be your relatives inside [the compounds], let’s be compassionate, let’s be human,” he added.


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